Tsundere Cafe!

We've seen and gotten used to Moe Maid Cafes that treats you like a princess or a master. but have you seen one that throws straws and serve you coffee beans? Watch below xD

Such a big pity I can't understand what they are saying T_T. Any translator?

Through out the video I was so worried that the guys would lose their patience at some point and punch the cute maid in the face haha ^^;;;.

Do you think this cafe would work in Singapore or your own country? Leave a comment and share your view XD!

Tsun tsun ne!


p7m13 said…
Ahaha the clip was funny! I can't understand it fully but basically after the 3 hosts got seated, 1 of the guys explained to the other 2 that this what a "Tsundere" style cafe and what it meant.

Then after they got their drinks they wanted to play a game with the maid. (You can play games with the maids at maid cafes for a small fee). When they asked whether they could play a game with her the maid deliberately ignored them and kept saying "No." as per the theme of the cafe. But anyway they kept asking her and starting cracking jokes and in the end she cracked and started laughing. LOL.

I guess the Akibanana cafe could dedicate a tsundere day or something just for the fun of it. I don't see any harm for them to try it out. LOL
Jac said…
Hahaha I'm half-afraid a tsundere maid would end up appearing in Stomp or something (peace!) XD
VioletYuki said…
D8 the video is private. or did it became private?

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