WCS Singapore Selection 2010: Skip Beat (redubbed)

Edit and reuploaded our performance video with permission from Kasuga1982. Click on his nick to see the higher res version of this video.

I received comments from some friends that they can't really make out our dialogue. So I decided to add the original skit audio into the video for better audibility. Blah, its been one week since the event and I still haven’t gotten around to writing about my post competition rambles and share our WIP photos. Give me a few more days, I promise I’ll get them up soon!


Marina Lazovic said…
funny XDD~
you two were awesome!!!
really nice done *hug*
maria_tachi said…
Still love the energy and acting that both of you have done in the skit!!!~
Jac said…
haha you have such cute oitfits
Anonymous said…

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