I dun care wad ppl say abt rereading old series. I just like it ToT!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh kenshin is loveee! Can i just jump into the book and hug him from behind NAO?! Now on vol 16. Kenshin vs Soujirou.

And argh! A good story is a good story. Why should age or format of presentation matter?

I understand everyone likes new stuffs but why should reminisicing the past be bad? Why should rereading an old series be seen as.... I dunno, weird?

And why should mangas/comics/anime be forever deemed 'childish' or 'unpresentable' because it was designed for teenagers?

*shrug* I guess I'm just an oddball. Don't mind my random rambles. Off to read again.

Ps: but seriously, any of you agree with me?


PikaBOOO said…
I LOVE RUROUNI KENSHIN. That was the shhhhtuuff...
I guess it's because people connect it with childhood or something. However whenever I see people reread old manga/comics or see people cosplay old manga/anime/comics, I'm happy. ;o;

Jac said…
i'm presently reading fudanshism - fudanshi shugi. full of crack anf lolz XD
evilneo said…
Got ppl telling u reading old series is bad? I read alot of old series :D

I think for younger generation, they dun have much chance to have contact with these popular older series which is why it seems weird to them seeing ppl reading manga which they nvr heard of and wondering why ppl would actually read it.

Another reason it seems werid might be ppl thinking shldn't you have read this old manga like 15 years ago? You are so slow only catch up to it now? Well, at least tat was how I feel when I see ppl reading old manga in MRT although they might be rereading it again instead.

Sadly, mangas/comics/anime will forever be deemed childish. It is not only general perception but also our perception too. This is actually a fact which we does not wish to admit, lol. How often do you hear yourself saying u shldnt induldge anime/manga/games or are you afraid of letting your boss/colleagues know of your hobby as you grow older? Although I also wish tat it can break this "childish" boundary, generally it is hard to achieve unless you are working in industry related to anime and manga. I dun think ppl will call you childish there because "Hey, I am just reading tons of anime and manga each day for my job" XD

Jac: LOL isit a 4 koma?

Evil: *shrug* ;p
Riko said…
Old school series are LOVE! XDXD

And i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RK series..Still love it today despite 1st reading it almost a decade ago LOL

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