May 24, 2010

Kaichou Wa Meido Sama?

Hmmmm….. this seems like the new upcoming ‘popular shoujo’ anime. Is it any good? I’m kinda against the ‘Maid’ theme because………..its just so fan service-y. Get what I mean?

But Gin was recommending it to me and commented that it’s very similar to Skip Beat. So comments anyone?


evilneo said...

I feel it is a decent anime to watch since I am watching it weekly. However, I feel skip beat is better.

It isn't really a maid theme anime with lots of fan service. Most probably u are going to see some guys being whacked up by the maid instead XD

The main female character is the school council's president who acted like an iron lady. Because her family is poor, she had no choice but to work in a maid cafe since the job is well paid and less tiring, allowing her to juggle with her studies, student council job and money.

So it is really funny to see her trying all means to conceal the fact tat she is actually a maid when she is in school.

And if you have nothing in your list to watch at the moment, I recommend you go watch K-on. It is really a very very good anime despite how u say tat I like it only for the MOE girls oTL

Anonymous said...

it is quite nice, but i prefer the manga more than the anime. The manga is more... interesting I guess. :]

Jac said...

I've been following the manga for years :) a good read. As for the anime I've watched only six episodes so far...

Gin said...

I just watch up to 5 episodes , okay only lar =D can see cute Lolita dresses XD

~Hitomi~ said...

It's pretty interesting actually I recommend that you try it. Plus there's a extremely hot Usui in the ending song (:

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