New layout!


I am so lag lag laggggggggggg! Life  has been very busy these days so I’m like super late in announcing and chronicling this . but yes, TCC finally has a new layout! And it’s a custom skin hokays!

Very lovely blog design done by Endorphines! She’s an awesome web designer ;D Go check her out ^^!

Tell me what you guy's think about this layout by commenting ^_^! I’m thinking of getting Endorphines to help me change that photo above >////< ;;;


min said…
hahah you can just label me as min you know! LOL No one really calls me endorphines LOLOL

Anyway change ah? Can! Hahah just let me know which one you one :x
Min: LOL! oops I typoed too xD. I still dunno change to which pic better .... in fact I kinda don't feel like putting my pics. Very piesay lei @_@

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