OKACOOL (KA = Kaika)

Or maybe ODACOOL(DA = deviantart) anyone?

So, I've been toying with the idea of creating a 'for fun' parody version of OTACOOL2. But of course, its not gonna be printed out but maybe a mere online flip book/flash/idk-yet version.

What do you guys think xD? This is me with my crazy ideas again......


「ナイフ」 said…
There's already sites like CureCos/Cosplay.com~

But a web version of something like otacool would be cool yo~
Jac said…
I'm good with curecos :) and your cosplayer features are also nice! you can just keep that up ^^
kanoko said…
I'll be looking forward to it if you decide to go forth with it.
camille said…
A web version of otacool would totally be awesome. <3
I'm looking forward to seeing it, and i'll gladly partake in the project! ^^

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