Street Fighter Cosplay Video!

OMG, freaking awesome cosplay videos okayz!!!! Okay, maybe the producers of the film didn't intended for it to be Cosplay, but still, I'm sure no fans would disagree with me that these videos shows some darn kickass cosplays (and kicks xDDD) !!

Video by : RivenX3i

I love the special effects and the flames! I am really looking forward to a higher resolution upload!!!!

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Video by: StreetfighterLegacy
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I love the slow motion actions. And am I the only one who thinks Christian howard's Ken looks darn hot in 0:18 ??????

Way to go for these 2 teams of filmmakers for dishing out such alarmingly high quality productions. This is the power of fans these days! We can even rival the professionals! I'm looking forward to seeing more of these 2 production. Keep em coming guys! And fantastic job done !!!


.:decadence:. said…

I really really love the first vid, very well executed and their acting's quite good too! better than the movies I have to say! XD

Thanks babe for upping them!
evilneo said…
Awesome video
Hexlord said…
Hopefully will dispel the horror known as the Van Damme SF movie :P
Ying said…

Jac said…
great vids!
Riko said…

And Ken looks HAWT!!! <3
waninoko said…
woah cool stuffie! the cosplay vid is awesomeness! the wig dint fell off! =)

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