To the land of beauty for our shoot!

Yeahhh on our way to the beach of glory, area Y!

Lets's pray hard it doesn't rain!!!

Ps: i really hate riding on a boat *pukes*


Cairdiuil said…
I love photoshoots. There are so much fun.
Anonymous said…
Kaika, I was wondering if you are cosplay as len or rin?
Yan said…
I was also wondering, because i was on cvy's twitter and watch one on the video's she posted and i though i saw rin on the shore line of the beach.
Gin said…
The things we do for cosplay!!!! : anger mark :
Cairdiuil: Haha yeahm, event hough they can be tirign too

Annoymous & Yan: *whistles* (¬ o ¬)

Gin: O_O:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Jac said…
whee beach!

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