May 31, 2010

湾岸ミッドナイト Wangan Midnight

Was linked from a Kiddy Grade AMV to this video because of the awesome song. Anyway, this song is making me want to pick up initial D. I'm lazy to research but I think Wangan Midnight is NOT Initial D right? Okay, my last sentence confuses people but nevermind.

Back to question, anyone has any recommendation or comments? Should I pick it up or should I forgo this classic title?

And many apologies on my part. I really should stop doing 'Anime to watch' entries like these @_@ But I feel like this is the easiest way to share and get minna's comment before I waste my time on a lousy title. I watch anime and manga at a snail's pace because I like taking my own sweet time to savour every frame and story plot. Which is the reason why I have limited Anima/Manga intake.

BTW, I'm onto like episode 8 of Kaichou Wa Maido sama. Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan still 0%. Code Geass 0% (yesss I have not taken this up yet @_@) So much series to follow up and so much things to do but so little time!

And my videos! and tutorials! I think cows can do faster than me T^T Please bear with me while I get my drive and motivations back. I've been pretty distracted lately.


Evilneo said...

Hmm, yup. Wangan Midnight is not Initial D but its anime is also done by the same production team as Initial D.

I am surprised that I nvr heard of Wangan Midnight anime b4 until i do a quick search just now, lol. So cant give you any advice whether to pick up this anime since I dun really know if it is really good.

But, if you are thinking abt whether to pick up Initial D, hoho. My answer is a definite big YES and just watch season 1 and 2 will be enough cos they are the best. The fun part of Initial D is not just abt racing and overtaking one another but rather beginning part its story where all the pro street racers with the newest sport cars gathering at Akina hill only to get defeated by an old underpowered tofu car drived by an unknown teenager!!! As the story goes on, it will slowly revealed how he learned his driving skills, how the car was already tuned to perfection even unknown to him etc.

And Initial D has alot of very nice OP, ED and BGM songs as well :D

And omg, I begged u. Can you seriously consider giving K On a try? It has only like 14 ep for 1st season which wouldn't take up a lot of ur time to finish it. And it is seriously not an anime all abt fan service oTL

Jac said...

wangan midnight seems interesting and posts like these encourage discussion about the titles so personally I don't mind :) it may still be related to cosplay I suppose if you could feature cosplayers of the series being discussed XD

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