Meeting Kipi @ Genting!

So I went for a short short short weekend getaway at Genting Highlands located in Malaysia with a few friends. It was an awesome trip and the cool climate there was such a refreshing relieve from Singapore’s  usual burning.

P1120410 copy
at the malls with arcades and ‘Funland' like stores

On the last day of our trip, we took a cable car ride down hill to visit the ponies and gawk at the awe-inspiring scenery of the highland. And while brisk walking to the cable car area, an unexpected encounter arises!

To my utmost astonishment, I saw a famous Japanese Cosplayer at one of the NeoPrint shop! And she is……..



Yes, the famous japanese cosplayer. Best known for her Suzumiya and Shana and many many moe cosplays!


Pictures credit to Kipi herself and













P1120411 copy

It was totally unexpected. This is taken outside the print shop where I saw her! And took many photos of her without permission =X

Apologies for the poor quality of my camera that refused to work under the low light. I tried my best to photoshop as well as I could but the quality are still pretty shitty u_u Either way, hope you guys will enjoy them!








 P1120412 copy

Kipi 1P1120413 copy

Kipi 2 P1120414 copy

Kipi 3P1120381 copy

So did you guys enjoyed it? HAHAHAHHAA. Apologies for taking photographs without permission. Bad Kaika xD

I seriously wonder how long these photographs have been there. The colour seemed somewhat washed out when i saw it in RL and honestly, how can anyone call Neoprint a ‘Latest Attraction’ ?! That thing has been around for near 2 decades! Old enough to be a teenager by itself!

I wonder how Kipi would feel if she saw this. How would you feel if one fine day, you find your own Cosplay photos printed and plastered on A2 size pillars?

If you ask me, I’d admit, it is a big compliment. BUT I’d also feel greatly displeased to have my hardwork and intellectual property so blatantly USED and EXPLOITED without permission!

Yes, piracy is prevalent and heck,  everyone of us here has in some ways been part of it too by supporting Vocaloid PVs and variety shows on Youtube and downloading scans or Animes etc.

But when things are brought out of the virtual world and into a physical + COMMERCIAL world. I believe we are talking about something on a totally different scale altogether. Of course one might argue that maybe that shop owner is Kipi’s personal friend or have paid her a hefty commission fee. But I frankly doubt.

What do you guys think?


Blurmage said…
orz, i thought is the real kipi in person :(
Garion said…

Anonymous said…
chey..i thought real! sob sob..

Tok kaika..haha

Geno here..mwahh
Jac said…
roflmao XD oh u
SeriouslySarah said…


Still yeah, it's bad if they didn't get her permission for the machines!
~Hitomi~ said…
Haha I thought you met the real person too xD
but it's weird though I went to genting in June & I didn't even realize it, shows how unobservant I am x3
evilneo said…
=.=" Also tot u meet the real person
Anonymous said…
Everyone thought that you meet the real person. I am one of them as well.

Is the title try to mislead us that you met the real person or unintentionally write in this way?
p7m13 said…
I really thought you met Kipi at Genting. It's kind of sad how they only have a PuriKura at Genting after like they've been around for the past 10 years.
Anonymous said…
-.-'' i thought u met the real kipi, if only poster, last time i went to genting resort and saw this, and it was just like "oh, it is kipi", and that's it, not going crazy like u ><
besides i see her poster everywhere, u better mati if next time post something like this again zzzz....
Cosplay said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dre said…
i saw this ad every time i go to genting...

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