Random Cosplay Tips #6: Pin to the rescue… again !

I really shouldn’t be sharing such a …lazy bad habit. But I was doing the laundry just now and spotted something on my Haruhi skirt. So I whipped out my camera and decided to blog about this erm…. despicable trick of mine =X


This is a trick I’ve been using for TOO LONG and TOO MUCH. But it does saves a lot of time when you’re rushing costumes. 

Basically, it’s using our trusty safety pins in place of the ‘Bar’ for any hook and bar fasteners on your costumes. The key difference here, is pining your safety pin from the INSIDE of the skirt so that only a portion of the pin appears for you to hook on. And you don’t get that ugly “I can see a safety pin” effect/reaction from people.

 P1120020 P1120022

Left Pic:  How this trick appears from the front of your skirt band. Your fastener hooks onto this.
Right Pic:  How it looks from the inside.


Pin and hook! Simple xD!




BTW, gentle reminder for anyone who is keen to join the Worldwide Cosplayer photo Journey, tomorrow is the last date of registration! Go over to this page if you’re interested^^!


PuchysLOVE said…
jajaja that`s a good tip !! specially when you don`t have enough time O.O jaja maybe i will be using this XD

waaa one more day *.* !!!
Kura aka Kim said…
oh i have been using this method since my sch days xD *yes i m a lazy person* just whenever the thing come out i will just get the pin n do it that way xD

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