SCC: Japan Fiesta 2010

Alright, this week marks the ending of the first half of 2010 and Singapore’s Cosplay Drought (or not!). 

Starting from this coming weekend, the Singapore Cosplay Club shall help kick start the avalanche of Cosplay events to flood the local cosplay Community. Starting with the Japan Fiesta @ Orchard Central.

Venue: Orchard Central

Time: 11.00am-9.00pm

26th June 2010

  • 11.00am Booths open 3.00pm
  • Cosplay Performances presented by Cosfest
    -World Cosplay Summit Championship 2008 Second Runner Up Pair [YuiMino] from Tokyo
    -World Cosplay Summit 2008 Korea National Representatives
    -World Cosplay Summit 2008 Singapore National Representative
    -Performance by Rie from Osaka
  • 9.00pm  Event End

27th June 2010

  • 11.00am Booths open
  • 12.00pm Asia Cosplay Meet Screenings
  • 4.00pm Asia Cosplay Meet Live Judging from Phillippines
  • 9.00pm Event End

This event is hosted in conjunction with the Asia Cosplay Meet Phillippines and we will get to see their cosplay event live whilst Phillippines will also be able to see us!
This is the first time two cosplay events are being held parallel to each other in South East Asia.

Booths available

  • Maid Cafe serving food and drinks
  • Anime Merchandise
  • Japanese karaoke
  • Pachinko machine exhibit
  • Takoyaki stall
  • Second hand manga/doujinshi/toys booth
  • Japanese street wear sales


Anyone going?

The line up of foreign cosplayers looks reallly realllyy cool. Sadly, I can't cover the event this time ;_; Will be out of the country for a short getaway which i have been looking forward to since forever =) Have fun peeps!


Laurie said…
Hahaha cosplay droughts you should come to our country then I think we average on 1 event a month all year round. :D Have a safe trip!
Jac said…
I hope to cosplay Granado Espada this Cosfest ^^

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