StreetFest 2010 (teaser) !!

OMG, I had such a blast at Street Fest today! Thank you to all the cosplayers and photographers who entertained me so well hohohoho!

Had the chance to mingle with so much people, it really makes me feel like the spirit of ‘cosplay’ is still around >//// <

Here’s just a  short teaser entry :D


Delirious Kaika with her escorts!
I forced them to take a group photo with us!


Group photo for the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey project!!!


Kawaiii Chrno Crusade Cosplays by Sakurazaki and….I keep forgetting her nick!! Someone enlighten me!!!! T_T

My rambles ^-^;;;

Event photos to come soon, I hope ^^;;


~Hitomi~ said…
It was really fun for me too. I love your group photo, especially the Hagane Vocaloids (If I remember correctly, that's what they're called)
Pity I didn't get to cosplay, it would have been even more fun xD
Jac said…
haha I was only there near the end of the event, watched a band perform a few songs
PuchysLOVE said…
waaa geart cosplay group !! *.*

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