StreetFest 2010!

I didn’t attend the event last year so I had thought this year would see the event at its old location; Youth park. But anyway, I’m glad its at Dhoby Ghaut. It’s definitely much more spacious and to top it off, has awesome shelter that allows enough sunlight to come in but not enough to roast its attendees. Even though humid Singapore afternoons are still pretty uncomfy.  
Camwhore with BanditYing

I arrived pretty late but was still pleased to get as much actions as I managed to x3 !
No, I didn’t cosplay last sunday. Was too lazy to ^_^;; Sometimes cosplaying too often makes me go into some sort of overdrive. Not good for health. Everything must be done in moderation XD
I also took the perfect chance to take my Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey photo there.

DDTenka as erm…..merlion
My plan was to gather as much random cosplayers as I can and have one of them hold a signboard that says “Greetings from Singapore” xD. The below video is filmed by my sidekick/assistant for the day; Cvy . hurhurhuhurrr!!

The video shows what goes behind the gathering of many random cosplayers to get that one single shot on a disposable camera for WWCPJ!

Screencap of the group photo ^_^;;; Didn’t have time and extra digital camera to well, take this shot.  A hell lot of hard work and embarrassment to be honest=_=||| Watch the video to see me run around like a crazy bee.

Cvy being mobbed and photo raeped by Kanasaiii, Lennethxvii and Ash.

Enough of the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey rants! Let’s move on to the pictures!!!

OluciaO, Faye(?) and DDtenka as characters from Zone 00 !
Here’s some legs to kick off the entry . Ohohohohoh :D~~~

Because they are damn chio, so I’m putting more pics of them :D

Jesuke as Hagane Gakupo

Sadly, didn’t managed to get any better pics.

The Hagane Group
Their neon colours really made them stood out. Of course, the fact that they all look sizzling hot is very attention catching too xD Miku & Kaito are missing in action!

More pics of the Hagane group. oops, I mean their prop.

Xiaobai and her Pop’ n Music group!

According to them, Reiyu-verse did all their fake nails for them!! I am very impressed D:!

Xrystal and Hoshi as Kagamine Rin & Len “ Sandplay of the Dragon” version


Absolutely NO CG for this pic XD


Piyohimi and friends as characters from Axis power Hetalia.

camwhores with Yuanie!
Yuanie as Megurine Luka “Sandplay of the Dragon’ version
P1120100 P1120103
Really like the curls in her wig and her side accessories. And because I like the pictures taken, I’m gonna post more. Hurhurhur
All the photos here have been minimally editted. mostl just brightening and contrast. If any cosplayers would like high res versions of the photographs, just let me know ^_^
Ending the entry here for now. Part 2 to come soon!


takairiei said…
Awesome video XD! I really does look -lost- there /blush
And all the best for the WWCPJ! /cheers
Sidekick said…
i still got a lot to learn in paparazzing from you Miss Guo Fu Chen lol!
Hexlord said…
"Piyohimi and friends as characters from Axis power Hetalia."

Himi's friend is Kiwiwi-chan~ XD

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