Jun 1, 2010

Worldwide Cosplayer, Photo journey Project??

Have any of you seen this website, a couple of years ago, that documents the journey/process of a letter in the post office? I think it was a School project of some sort and what the students did was send a self addressed article out to themselves with a disposable camera attached to it.

What came back was a lot of fun photos of the staffs working in the Post Offices.

I had a sudden eureka this morning. Don’t ask me where the idea came from, I have no freakin idea either (pun intended XD). And its similar to the idea above. But of course, ‘cosplay-fied’

Aug09 011

So the idea is, I’ll send out a snail mail with a disposable camera and notebook to a foreign cosplayer. Then the cosplayer will take photo of herself/costumes/event/room/etc , pen his/her comments on the notebook then send it to ANOTHER cosplayer in either another State or Country.

30jan10_SOYB 005

This snail mail link will go on and on until either 1) camera runs out of negatives/battery 2) Christmas 2010. The last person will send it back to me and I will post everything here =)

11thOct08_Ep1_Suzumiya 071 copy

What do you guys think? 

I really hope I’ll go through with this haha. As for the first round of sending from me to the next cosplayer, I’ll probably run a volunteer/participants request here to see who’s interested.

But do you guys find this idea cool/interesting? Should I go ahead with it? LET ME KNOW by commenting nao!


reiko said...

cool idea! but how to ask for address from another cosplayer? >< it might be hard to get it out of them. and then there'S the possibility of it staying too long in one place. maybe can try email style? that way no postage, and ppl can just upload photos of themselves with their on cams.

sounds like a fun idea!

.:decadence:. said...

that's an AMAZING idea! I love it! It reminds me of the sisterhood of the traveling pants!!

I say go ahead with the snail mail though cos that's more fun. The expectancy and/or surprise in the mail is always more thrilling in my opinion!

Everything is all digitalized nowadays that idk but it somehow eliminates a lot of fun factors despite its convenience.

Really love the idea! I would definitely take part in it if given the chance! <3

omi said...

sounds awesome!! XDDD

Ying said...

Sounds fun!!

I think the coolest part is when it gets back to you.. and you develop the photos out.. that's the best part!

Athene said...

sounds like a great idea! wish i was in another country so I can be part of it XD The snail mail idea makes it more exciting and special since it will take time to go around to each and every person.


Yuanie said...

Hey that's actually quite fun =D On the My Little Pony forum, they did such similar stuffs before too. On blank pony was send to another one, and person have to sign her name on it and then mail off to the next person on the list. The pony went on a journey to over 20 pony fans and finally back to the owner XD ~! It was really unique and all the love signatures on the pony =D ~!


Komori said...

That's just so..... ;w;

In other words: it's a great idea! I'd love to be a part of something like this~

(The time taken to ship the things might become a problem with such a deadline, though.)

Jennifer said...

this is such an awesome idea i'd love to be a part of it

Sese said...

SOUNDS FUN if this pushes through count me in~~

Emily said...

I think that's a fun idea. I live in the US, and I'd join the chain. :3

Emi said...

omg that sounds so awesome and fun~ Especially through snail mail!! *_*

ayame said...

ooo~ seems intresting. i'd love to participate.

takairiei said...

Something new and sounds really fun, totally support this idea^^

Tho snailmail has its inconveniences, but it will be really great if it works out~ *cheers*

Fanny said...
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shuui said...

I think it's fun too! However, as Reiko said, it might be a little difficult to get a foreign cosplayer's address and there might be a 'stagnant' time in between replies and sending out of the mail. :)

But still, a very very fun idea! :D

Ariki said...

It sounds really awesome! Perhaps you could set a time frame for how long it stays in one place?
And yes, would love to be a part of that >3

Jac said...

email would be a lot easier and safer but I acknowledge the Herculean task :) good luck!

Gin said...

Maybe can try nearby countries like Malaysia, Indo first XD Go for it! Hope the letter does not get lost =/

min said...

it's cool! but.. must also check the clothing size so that the cosplayers we send too can actually fit into your costume D:

sachi said...

I would love doing this! It sounds super fun, and it would be amazing to see the photos at the end! :3

Estefania said...

Whaa this is an amazing Idea!
Sounds like a lot of fun, so many pics there would e at the end
I would like to do this! <3

Anonymous said...

i would love to do this!!! XDDD
asian-AUSTRALIA *joins*

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