Jun 29, 2010

Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey: article status update


Just a short update about the status of the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey Project.

Sigh, the item is still listed as “ Despatched to overseas”. It has been reflecting the same status since last week.  With such a massive delay in the shipping process, I’m contemplating some changes to the rules and deadline =\


PuchysLOVE said...

U.U maybe change the deadline can be useful, aaaaa I want to see more pics and progrees about this project ...

kisus ~~

美亜 said...

Shipping internationally can take from 2 weeks to a month depending where ;~; Your project will spend more time being shipped around than with the coplayers themselves. So maybe extend the deadline :(

shuushuu said...

even if the recipient does receive the item, the status will show dispatched forever one

Jac said...

Also look at the map and change the sequence so that the next cosplayer would be the nearest one :)

(for example: which cosplayer is closest to Chile?)

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