Worldwide Cosplayers Photo journey: 1st Receiver!!!

Thank you to all those who expressed interest in the project!! With the help of the randomising program, I finally selected the first receiver!!!!!

Asakura Haruto, please email me your mailing address and other details ^_^ Go brainstorm on how you wanna decorate the scarf naos!!!!


For the rest of you who wants to be the next participant! I highly suggest you leave a comment below, stating why you are interested, how you intend to decorate the scarf, what you would want to send out as a souvenir and where (country/state) you are from. Of course, don’t forget to leave some form of contact (email, websites, blogs etc?) so that Asakura Haruto can decide if she wanna send it to anyone you guys ^_^!!!!

Once again, I’m very very touched by the overwhelming response and hope everyone will continue to support this project T_T!!! Im sorry not everyone could get a chance to be part of it but *sniffs* thank you for your hearty response and participation! Remember to keep track of this blog and the blogloc to see where the article goes to next.

To Asakura haruto, babe~ remember to email me your mailing address^_^ .And after you receive the article, remember to email me so i can update the blogloc!!!

As mentioned in my previous entry, I’ll be doing up a short Vlog of myself sending out the article! So to the future participants, you are free to do a similar video and post a response video to mine if you like ^_^


Evelien said…
Hey! I'd like to be part of this journey, because I think it's great to strengthen the bands between people from other countries! ^^
I'd probably decorate it with some wishes for 2011 in the form of drawings or something like that ^_^
As a souvenir, maybe I'll send some Belgian chocolate/candy!
Oh yeah, I'm from Belgium XD (stating the obvious.)

My emailadress (delete the spaces ;d):
evelien _ peynshaert@
Jac said…
I hope there'll be a Philippine participant :D
meep said…
yes i am still interested! i am from Portland OR
I want to be part of this because I think it would be nice to feature a younger cosplayer in this project. Also because we want more cosplay in teh Pacific Northwest!
I would probably decorate the scarf with drawing and or small appliqué's
=w= and a souvenir!
Laurie said…
Congratulations! The project is finally on the move. Hmmm Chile need to Google how far that is from the Philippines ^ ^;

Why do I want to be part of this project? I think it's a great way to realize how people can unite and enjoy one hobby despite our differences.

Local Souvenir??Hmmm...I was thinking about sending food...but I guess I'll have to come up with another my souvenir is still a surprise XD

As for the scarf...I think I'll make cute button pins to accessorize XD

I'll keep myself updated! I hope more people would join ^ ^
misotok said…
Hello! I'm from New York, New York! I'm interested in being a part of this project because it sounds fun to do, and it's a great way to meet different cosplayers/anime fans from around the world. I think the result of this project will be great!

I would probably decorate the scarf with a doodle and a small greeting.

As for a souvenir, I'm still not sure yet, because there are a lot of things in New York.

I'm really glad that this project has begun, I would really like to see how it goes.

My contact info is!
Brandon Morris said…
I would love to be the next receiver!! I'm in Iowa (United States)
Zupermiepzz said…
I´d like to participate. I think its really fun to send things to people all over the world. I think i'll write my 2011 luck wishes in the form of a short poem... Maybe i´ll put some cheese in the enveloppe?? XD kisses from the Netherlands!!
sachi said…
It's great! :D
I'd love being the next receiver! Kisses from Toronto, Canada! :3
Turoro said…
I am really interested in this project! I am part of a group of cosplayers called the Quadrapegauniponies from Indiana in the USA!

Please consider us for the next receiver! ^__^
Anonymous said…
Why you are interested International cosplayers uniting! What could be better~? Plus learning about different cultures is fun~

Decoration on the scarf A chibi of the character I would be doing along with a happy rainbow~

Souvenir I was thinking a stuffed dolphin, from South Padre, some magnets from my city, possibly a Texas and American flag, a portrait of the island on the a spoon, the person after me's name on a grain of rice, I was also thinking of adding a snack or two that we enjoy down/up/to the side here as well, oh and a map~ Plus a pamphlet from the zoo and from the historical walk we have here. Maybe even a few pictures of where I think the Southern Texas treasures are~

Where Texas, America~

Contact? AiNokimii - DeviantArt
Ai Nokimii - GaiaOnline
iFannyGirl - Youtube
Georginia said…
Whoops, sorry about the "anonymous" thing. Yes, I was the Texan girl. Oh and I would like to add that I'm in Brownsville, Texas. Oh and I might add a tejano cd in the mix of souvenirs.
Maria said…
Hello! I'm from Barcelona, one of the biggests cities in Spain! :D

Why you are interested?: Because I love the world of cosplay and I want to meet new people, and this idea is GREAT!
How you intend to decorate the scarf? I want to draw Antonio (Spain from "Hetalia") ^-^
What you would want to send out as a souvenir and where (country/state) you are from. I'm from Barcelona, state: Catalonia, country: Spain. I want to send some things: a card, some recipes (with photos ^^) and some "Spanish jam" called "Jamón Serrano" that it's delicious and oil x3 Ah! And, if you want, a manga in spanish! ^^
Contact me:
Umexchan said…
Hello there! Just an Ohio girl who'd love to participate in this, just like everyone else. X3

Why? Because I think it's a great idea to spread the love of anime and cosplaying across the globe in this unique and tangible way. One scarf to connect them all! :D

How would I decorate the scarf? I'd pin on one of my pins that have a cool or funny saying on them. Or maybe the one with a monkey on it! :D That one's cute!

What would I send out as a souvenir and where am I from? I don't know. Ohio isn't known for much. Maybe I could send out a box of pocky or mochi from my local Asian market? I could probably go down to the store and get something that says Ohio on it though. Yeah, that'd probably be better. :3 Maybe a cool magnet, post card, or t-shirt? Yeah...Ohio's a pretty boring state. ^_^; I'll think of something special.

Contact me here:
Just make sure to put "Worldwide Cosplayers Photo Journey" in the title box or I'll mark it as spam and no one wants that. :3
美亜 said…
Woo! I'm a cosplayer from Canada and I think this project is a really great idea. I want to join because I think it's a great way to form a bond with cosplayers all across the world!

I would decorate the scarf with a pin, I have a set of pins that when you put it together form a Canadian flag :)

A souvenir that I could give from Canada are magnets, key chains, a post card, maybe a mini flag or anything else that comes to mind. I would send maple syrup but its too heavy =(

You can contact me via my blog or, randombox.p[at] :D
Katty said…
This sounds like alot of fun! I am definately interested!

I am interested because it really would bond people from countries and such. Getting connected with cosplayers from around the world.. just the sound of it is pretty amazing, haha. The world's a pretty big place!

To decorate the scarf, I would probably stick on some of these anime pins I made. I got like a million of them! (I make them when I'm bored and have nothing to do xD) I also might leave some sort of message like "Greetings from California!" xD

Souveneirs? Hmm... I would have to put some thought into it! Maybe something that said California on it with a beach, haha. That's what California is known for, right? It's beaches? and Hollywood xD I would definately go down and get picture of the Hollywood sign or something! :D

If you want to contact me, you can email me at
Or, if you'd like, send me a message at Youtube! My username is Kattyrui =]

Good luck to everyone and I hope this project is a big sucess! :D
Hiroky said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kai Kuchiki said…
Yay! the project is on the move! I'm from Philippines and yes I think I can be a part of this project..

Why do I want to be part of the project?

'Coz I want to be united with cosplayers around the world and want to share the Filipino culture..

Local Souvenir??Hmmm...I'm thinking about sending a trinket..? --made locally and pure Filipino designed (of course!):D

As for the scarf...I'll attach some kind of beadwork (i'm still thinking) that I made myself..:) plus with the wishes for 2011!

If you want to contact me please visit my site:
still arashi.deviantart. com
(please remove the spaces)

or follow me on twitter:

kai kuchiki

just send me a message..:D
DirtyCornflake said…
I'd like to join this because I think it's an awesome idea and I think it's really cool to connect with cosplayers from all over the world! To get to know their culture better and afaik cosplay isn't the same in every country so to knwo more about the differences would be extremly interesting to me!

Hmm I'm from germany . . . I don't know exactly what I'd send. I have to think over this probably xD haha xD there aren't typical german stuff (bavaria, yes, but not german in general hoho xD )

I'm thinking of embroidering something to the scarf, still don't know what, but maybe I'll decoarte it with different things instead. laaaaah I'm gonna ask some friends who are also cosplayer, i'm pretty sure we'll come up with some awesome stuff xD

you can contact me via my blog:
(don't be held back because it's in german, I understand english very well xD )
or you could send me an e-mail!
dirtycornflake @ web . de (remove the spaces inbetween!)

yay! I hope I can be part of this! :DD

HUUUGE Greetings and kisses from Germany!
DirtyCornflake ♥
Toiea said…
Hello! I'm excited to see that the project has started! I really hope that I can be a part of this! It seems like such a fun and interesting thing to do. :3

I'm from Arizona in the U.S. If I were to be able to be a part of this project, I would probably draw or embroider something on the scarf. I'm not sure what kind of souvenir I would send though, because I live in a desert where the temperatures reach above 120F (49C) sometimes! I wouldn't want anything to melt!

I wish this project success and I'll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that I will get a chance to be a part of it.

~ Toiea
Anonymous said…
I saw the youtube 'just be friends cosplay pv' and clicked on the WWCPJ video link.

I'm interested in the Cosplay Project definitely. Why? it's because cosplayers shouldn't be separated by bodies of water and boarders. We share the sky after all

The scarf would be sporting a Canadian flag patch and a chibi drawing of myself plus the Hetaila character Canada

I'm located in Canada;

as little Canadian souvenirs would be maple syrup, a pin, and post cards of varies of Canadian places [pre-posted ones of course]

good luck with the project! :D

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