Frankie @ Cosfest 2010!

Onimusha the crack cosplayer who brought us the ever hilarious Louis Armstrong Cosplay last Cosfest was back at Cosfest again this year!

Cosplaying as Frankie from One Piece, his presence was one of pure entertainment and awesome winz. Below is a compilation video of all his terrorizing and epic LOLness xD



He also won the ACM competition , cutting a tie with the Pilipino Kos-Mos cosplayer. Congratulations to both !


Oni said…
haha and again i gotta thank you for your effort to compile my nonsense together (the nami expression look so WTF, wah liao this time i think i'm really noisy. ) :D, seriously i really like every single one of them (including the armstrong ones), thank you.

Oh btw i 'm really surprised yuanie joined in the chest bumping too :D.

Oh and if i may can i post it in the gartsby facebook group?
oni> haha go ahead ^^! Yesss the Namie cosplayer's body language, esp the one in the thumbnail is ftw xD

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