Random updates!

Cosfest was a blast! So much to say and sooo much self reflection is needed.

I cosplayed and paparazzied on both days. Much thanks to all the cosplayers who posed for me, played my game with me and accepted my interviews! Also apologies to anyone i might have accidentally mistreated .

A large number of you guys voted for interviews with the WCS contestants but as luck would have it, I sidn't managed to get hold of any of them save the winner team (what luck!). Congratulations to the FF13 team for their fabulous win! Do us proud over there!!

Not forgetting our beloved 'Frankie' from One Piece and Kos-Mos from the Phillippines! Congratulations on the beautiful tie! Now both of you can go japan already!

I have sooooooooo much videos and photos to edit I'm officially scared =.=u But due to work and erm, social life, ...updaes here will have to wait.

I promise it will be up soon!


Oni said…
THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE COVERGE :D haha seriously i'm really really glad that it's a tie. I'll feel really really bad if i'm the only winner. phew what a relief man....

OH AND can i 've the honor to have you join GARTSBY ?????!!!!!!


remember the bokutou no ryu interview? I did tell you I'm going spray 2 cans of spray on my hair rite ? :D
Jac said…
lashes! I bought lashes from Shu Uemura, put lopts of lash glue but they kept falling off T_T what am I doing wrong??
UsagiWorks said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
miwitch said…
Hhaax.. good luck in your pics and vids editing! ^_^

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