Video tutorial on coloured eyebrows!

Someone requested and I thought it would be fun to do a video of it so here it is!
In this video, I demonstrates how I do the eyeshadow technique that I mentioned in my previous post. Read the post here or just scroll down.

Oh, comment and let me know if you guys like the video =) So I'll know if I should do more in the future D:


Jac said…
wheeeeeee thankyouthankyouthankyou *glomp*
Ichira said…
Glue + acrylic works wonders too (seriously) !!

Glue = protective covering over real eyebrows

Acrylic = color!! :D

I use this, and it works/is painless :'D
jac: hahaa np!

Ichira: OMG..I'm not sure if I'm adventurous enough to try that O_O! Do up a video and teach us!!
Holly Ann said…
Don't use glue, HAIR GEL or HAIR STYLING GLUE.
It's less... meant for paper? Idk I feel more confident about using hair products. You can mix up the color you need with acrylic paint and add an equal amount of the hair gel/glue.
Then just paint it on. It comes off with a cotton ball dipped in water or a wet rag.

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