What does your parents think about Cosplay?

wanbao_cosplay_articleMuch thanks to Maria for bringing our attention to this small article posted on Singapore’s local daily evening paper.

For those of you who don't understand Chinese, I’ve done a lousy translation below. I don’t claim to be good/accurate but at least I’m better than Google Translator ^^;;;


He is usually a normal working adult but some times, he changes into a ”Death God” . Lim Yong Hong (23 years old, administrative worker) spent $120 last weekend, making his own Death God costume from the Japanese Animanga title; ‘Death God’ (Anyone knows the Japanese title?) and went to Downtown East to perform (direct translation here :P)

Cosfest 2010 is an event co-organised by NTUC and SCC Square. Attendees for the event are all dressed up as different Japanese Animanga characters.

Most of the demographics are students but there are many working adults as well, like Lim Yong Hong.

In our interview with Lim Yong Hong, he mentioned that his parents have disapproved of this hobby before but he doesn’t mind.

“After a year or so, they have come to terms with it and don’t want to care about it/me already”

Another lady named Lim Ruo Yu (20+ years old, Designer) holding a scythe and a skull head, is cosplaying as the main character from a new Japanese anime (obviously didn’t bothered to do much research).

She has cosplayed for 10 years . And for this costume, she spent nearly $800. The costume she wears is also made by herself. Fiber glass (?) is used for her armour. Her friend Wu Yi Hua(25years) has also spent 2 months on her costume.

==== translation of article in the purple column ====


Many parents do not disapproves of their child doing cosplays, in fact, some even help to make props for them.

According to Wang Xin Hui (15 years) who was cosplaying as a character from “Demon dispelling shounen” (okay, I seriously need help in finding the Japanese title=_=|| ) along with Chen An Na (16 years), both their parents are very supportive.  Wang Xin Hui’s big Hammer is even made by her parents who spent an entire day on it.

According to Chen An Na, “The materials are bought with my own savings, I did not particularly spend anymore of my parent’s money. With this hobby, I’ve gotten the chance to meet many like minded people henceforth my parents are both very supportive”


DSC_0051 copyThis article is a classic example of how typography is superbly ultilised. And how one can make your content juicier and more attention catching than they really are.

Really gotta give it to the peeps behind this write up. Not only have they successfully garnered the attention of their regular readers, they have also drawn in attentions from outside their usual demographics, (albeit negative or positive attention, I can't comment) to their publication. What a great media tactic.

Isn't it interesting how a simple change in perspective,  usage of words and grammar can result in totally different meaning? I'm always very amazed by how one can subconsciously manipulate the thoughts of others with words alone. Death Note, Monster and Lelouch of the Rebellion anyone xD?

*Giving out flyers is a great promo tactic! No bunny suit deducted  points though =X *


On a totally different note, check this grammar video (below) out just for lols xD

My mom don't like me spending time on cosplays and she's forever chiding me for the amount of rubbish I've accumulated.

P1110510Yuanie doing some costume stuffs at my place ^_^

The most annoying part comes when I start drafting or sewing my annual costumes. And my mom will start commenting that I "keep doing these things" when I obviously don't! In case you guys haven't realized, my cosplay quota per annum is very low. Meaning to say, I really should cosplay more but am not.

IMG_9123 copy
Suzumiya terrorising Oofuris XD

So I personally find it frustrating and unjust to be told that when  I (personally feel)  have dedicated most of my waking time to other people or work and when I use what's left of my time to do my own hobby, I have to be told that =_=. It makes me feel like she feels I’m just wasting time doing needless stuffs. Of course, I do understand why the older generations are a little susceptible to Cosplays  so to their disapproving response, I can only ignore or roll my eyes.

Another awfully fine example of how the older generations disapproves of cosplays can be seen at Cosplay events held in public places. How many of you have tried changing/doing your cosplay make up at a public toilet before? And how many of you have gotten “shooed out” or received rude comments from the toilet cleaners before? 

Share with me your experience in the comments.

10Jul10_TGX 055
Jesuke, me and Noshuu. Taken last saturday @ TGX

Sigh, I personally have a lot of such experiences. Many a times I really feel like retorting straight in their face to shut them up. But…. let’s just say I’m usually both too tired from costume rushing and too panicky (with costume changing) to bother with people of their level.

Or maybe somewhere in my heart I feel guilty, for being the “problem”.  It’s a difficult scenario to assess who is right and who is wrong =\ More on the topic of public/event unhappy incidents next time. We experienced a lot of unhappy drama last weekend at TGX. Would probably blog about it in another entry. 

Can’t believe I spent so much time on this entry again *palms forehead*. Remember to leave a comment and tell me what you guys feel!


shuui said…
I'm actually pretty lucky that my parents doesn't really complain that much about my cosplays. They are more amused than anything else.

Although, of course, sometimes they DO nag about the space taking, money wasting, time spending and being at this age, how long am I gonna continue this. LOL. But most of the time, they are pretty cool. :)

As for doing makeup/changing in the toilets, I've actually never got chased before :O Weird stares and annoyed 'tsk-ing' yeah, but generally, never met a situation whereby I got shooed or stuff like that. D:

That said, I usually do my makeup at home though. LOL. And maybe, luck. XD Yeah, luck.

But I think our local scene is rather big for most people to know that what we're doing is cosplay or 'performance' as the older generation terms it. So, perhaps, they may or are getting more accepting towards it? :O
Athene said…
That article title was horribly misleading and obviously was used to drum up attention D:

To wit, I agree a lot with the opinion you've expressed. The fact cosplay can be treated so negatively is a bit chafing and annoying.

I have 2 fbook accounts because I need to keep my cosplay activities under wraps because of work. :/ There are some people at work who do not approve of it and would lessen their respect of me, it makes me afraid of how it may affect our relationship if they ever do find out. Yet at the same time I find it unfair that I need to keep my hobby hidden when other people can freely discuss theirs just because theirs are more socially accepted -_-
Jac said…
I changed into my Bayonetta costume OUTSIDE the toilet stalls to avoid inconveniencing the women queueing(EXPO had only TWO stalls per bathroom wth??), but it only caused one of the aunties to be scandalised when I was putting on my adhesive bra in front of her haha (sorry auntie! will be more discreet next time *blush*) XD
reiko said…
I wouldn't say that my parents are supportive, but after so many years they have how would I put it, come to terms with my hobby? I'm thankful that over here I don't get their nagging though XDD

I understand why the older generations can't accept it though, and I don't expect them too ^^;; Times have changed that's all. And is it just me or does the evening paper tend to dramatise and make things look negative? As far as I remember, the ST times and zhaobao didn't seem that harsh with regards to cosplay.

As for the toilet thing, it is a public toilet after all, and I do feel guilty hogging the mirror area for long periods of time >< I try to put on most of my make-up at home then touch up the event. I heard at the NTU event they set aside a lecture hall for cosplayers to rest/prepare/make-up? I thought that was a good idea to avoid toilet hogging too :D
Anonymous said…
Great.... this article just spoils my mood badly.
E.coli said…
My parents don't approve too that's why I'm trying very hard to stop soon. They will start nagging for more monthly allowance each month as they think I am rich but wasting my money on cosplays.. >_> (of which I am not, and have been saving up by stinging on food and other expenses)...
shuushuu said…
death god is bleach lor lol
shuushuu said…
"Demon dispelling shounen" is d.gray-man XD
allkhe said…
Interesting topic, and thanks for the translation of the article! I think the reporter meant 'Bleach' when he/she wrote 'death god'? I've seen mandarin translations of Bleach as that name. Although there is a manga called 'Death God 4' out there.

I've only cosplayed a few times and my mum nagged her head off about the cost of propmaking and such. However, on the day of a con she spotted me desperately trying to finish my shirt, and actually helped me to sew it and help me touch up my props!

I was surprised, since she was never enthusiastic about me cosplaying; but it turned out her reason for helping me was that she saw how hard I was trying to finish the outfit in time, so she decided to help me out.

About the toilet thing, I'm guessing that the washroom attendants are snappy at cosplayers because they are worried that the cosplayers would mess up the toilets? I remember a hawked eyed attendant who stood right next to my friend as she adjusted her wig; probably thinking my friend was going to wash her hair in the sink!

Either that, or they worry that the toilets will be too filled with cosplayers putting on their make up or changing clothes that non cosplayers can't use the toilets, and complain to the attendants' superiors.

Nevertheless, insightful post! And sorry for the long comment ><
Yuanie said…
My parents do complain... mom complains the most! Always ~! But then.. whenever I need help with my costume or props, ma and pa will be okie to help. sometimes even suggest good ideas to guide me how to do. They do nag that I'm spending too much and sometimes I will explain to them that I'm trying to spend as little as possible. Also, I think they understand that I've been working hard, so bit of hobby stuffs is okie to them.

Kaka, you mentioned that your mom always said you "keep doing these things" .. no worries mine too. And I usually work on "these things" when there's a big event coming. And I just don't understand why they like to say "KEEP DOING". Aiyoyo... cannot blame them too as they just don't understand or appreciate what we know and love. Due to generation gap. Must be.

I seldom get bad toilet experiences. The only bad one I had was when I was in toilet with you, Noshuu and Ruby. =D
Xiaobai said…
I didn't tell my parents. :x Been hiding this hobby for 4 years now and I doubt I will ever tell them. ^^;;;
maria_tachi said…
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maria_tachi said…
I must admit that cosplay is really an expensive, time, energy drain hobby. The simple reason for why they don't support cause it cannot bring us any fame nor money. I mean will not have benefits gain from this and they dont bear that we work so hard for something that does not even benefits us. If place oursleves in their shoes, we won't want our child to work on something so hard yet no result at all right?

But deep in their hearts, they still like the way we look like after dress up. My dad dont nag at me and my sister though my mum does. But after that, she still love the outcome of my sister and my costume. Sometime, we did won some prized during competition so this in a way that makes them feel proud as well :D :D

So overall, parents nag but in their hearts, they find cosplay as interesting hobby. I believe that communication is the key. We should share with them our cosplay photos and let them see how interesting this hobby is. Knows our limits also cause nobody likes to see house in the state of tornados.....
Anonymous said…
I`ve always wanted to go to a convention and cosplay. My parents find it stupid and dumb for me to dress up and such, but they also disapprove of the the whole staying over night and being a certain distance away..Its not like im going with strangers a large group of friends and a few parents will be at the hotel maybe one will follow us around...They also find it stupid to waste money on something like that. I know it be a bit expensive to make costumes and such, but you are doing something you enjoy and the costume wont go to waste. Ive had friends who be willing to share or borrow or even buy costumes from each other due to lazyness or other reasons...
Parents just find it a silly thing at times but im sure plenty find it interesting...I mean i guess you need to explain to them at times they joy of it or what you are doing but what can we do? Parents like everyone else in the world are quick to judge something different or strange to them.
Mitsuki said…
My mum nags ALOT about the money-wasted, time wasted, space taken up by all my costumes and props @_@

But in the end after my events, she still bugs me for photos to show her friends and colleagues. x_x;

About getting rude comments from toilet cleaners, there is a particular toilet auntie at TGX, who came in the toilet and scolded us for making her toilet 'kanasai' when all we did was use the sinks/mirror area. =_=;
ayame said…
my mom's suprisingly supportive of it. but she doesn't know the cost of the wigs though, i think she'd throw a fit if she knew, since wigs are a bit expensive here so i always ask my friends to get it for me haha.
right now since i'm still a beginner and is just bearly starting out, i stick to simple costumes like love is war miku and kagamine rin so the amount of money put into is isn't as much as other complex costumes so my mom can't really complain. my mom has actually made one of my older costumes for me. according to my mom she said she'll support me in anything i do as long as it isn't bad. my mom actually praises other cosplayers when she drops me off at conventions, saying how nice it is and stuff. my dad doesn't say much about it but he isn't against it or anything since the one time he picked me up from a con. he said the costumes were nice(other people). & one time i was sewing a costume in the living room & he was like "good job" lol.

as for the public toilets well in USA (Fanime in San Jose, CA) the conventions usually have their own bathrooms. & the hotels right next to them have restrooms also. so during the duration of the convention it's mostly cosplayers & con goers who are in them so no one makes a fuss. there are however other guest but with so many other cospalyers around, they're the ones that start out haha. even if you go to the resturants around the convention area like mcdonalds or something, nothing would really happen because there are other cospalyers there and the workers there can't really do anything about it since we're their customers XD

btw: are the cospayers in the newspaper picture sakana @ deviantart & ototsuki @ deviantart? they also did a death master & insane brs cosplay.
dearttolife said…
A year ago (when I started out), my parents are 100% against cosplay. If they can lock me in the house and stop me from buying materials/fabric, they will. My dad even tried knocking me out to make me have less time so that I'll naturally give up =\

Now it's much better, seeing that I'm starting to have a much balanced life between school and cosplay. This is the only way to continuing cosplay, in my case, by cutting down the number of cosplays to do, so that my studies don't get affected. I know a lot of people out there do not agree with the way I'm handling cosplay, thinking that I'm not treating with the respect like everybody else, but it's not true! Just that, cosplay is my hobby, while my studies will bring me my rice bowl, so how in the world can prioritise cosplay over studies, or put them on equal standing?

Anyway, my dad is still abit irk by cosplay and thinks that I'm such a disgrace for becoming the Number One weirdo from the entire family, but my mom is more supportive now. She loans me the toilet for my wig cutting (lol) and the living room for my sewing when it got a bit dusty in my room =\ Although she still yells at me a lot when I secretly spray-painted things in the toilet or the wind blew some of the paint on the "public" wall when I do my stuff outdoors.

But I have to admit that cosplay is really time-consuming and er "money wasting" if you don't have the basic income, or if you're not from a can-make-do family. I don't really support those whose family is struggling hard to make a living etc to do cosplay, even if they genuinely like cosplay, because they should be placing their family's needs over his/her own wants. Needs over wants. Cosplayers, old and young, have to learn how to strike the balance and prioritise their stuff.

So far I only got "omg you're disgusting" looks from aunties in toilets. Nobody yelled/chased me out, so everything's fine. Usually I settle basic make-up at home before going events, otherwise everything will just melt if I do 100% at home.
Lacrymosa said…
My parents weren't initially that supportive of it when I started four years ago, partly because it was expensive and they didn't entirely see the point of me doing something like that, until somehow somewhere along the line they saw sense that it was a better hobby (albeit still money consuming) than going out there and doing other funny things (e.g. smoking drinking clubbing or drugs), so after a while they let it go.

They're fine with it as long as I'm spending within my budget, and cosplaying really taught me to manage my budget well.

My dad still asks me from time to time, when I intend to quit though. Despite that he'll still grudgingly help me with props and stuff, while grumbling all the time. My mum's a bit more supportive, she tends to give me a hand with my costumes, but both are still pretty freaked out over the wigs (for some reason), my dad will nag nonstop if he sees me cutting wigs.

Both parents somehow, despite not really having been supportive at first, now poke me nonstop for photos if I do a shoot or come back from event, or just want to see the costume I'm wearing to events and the like. My dad does the nagging of 'Don't go to dangerous places D=' more often. They think cosplay's giving me more friends, so I'm not really disputing them.

Toilet wise... Never gotten shoo-ed, maybe cause I keep glaring at people, I dunno, just the occasional weird looks. Most of the time I avoid by picking some obscure out of the way toilet that few people go to, so it's still quite okay.
Asakura Haruto said…
Wow! I just hate how they tried to catch "regular-readers" attention D:

As for myself, I've been liking Cosplay since many years ago, but I started to do it since last year more or less. I know I'm a bit old, but people don't really know how happy makes me feel when I Cosplay.

My parents doesn't approve it much. Specially my mom. She always says things like "Here you are with your "japanese" again"", "Why are you dressing up?", "Where are you going like that?", and stuffs like those, but I don't really care. And in the end, my mom went like "ok, do as you wish" and help me sometimes with props XD!

By the other hand, I've to deal sometimes with "rude" comments from other people. Specially here, in Chile, where people are really ignorant about "different things" and discriminate.
But I just laugh about that type of situations, because they don't have the personality to do what we do; and I'm happy being what I am : ) What other people thinks is irrelevant; I've learned that years ago.

An example for these situations was last Saturday. I was planning to take the photo for the WWCPJ and I had to go to an event. My parents didn't lend me the car, so I went out downtwon straight cosplaying as a Pokemon (Azumarill, to be more specific); I wanted to avoid the "dealing with people on the toilet XD!". Ok, to suddenly watch a girl (and a boy, because I was with my friend dresse up as a Jolteon, so he was all yellow-ish) walking down the street with a full blue dress, blue wig, a tail, bunny ears, etc. might be unusual, but come on! Is not a reason to creep out, I'm not going to eat you (probably, LOL XD!)

And if people gets very rude, I confront them (I got angry easily, so I don't like when people say thing without reasons and arguments).
Cvy said…
exactly the same situation as shuui XD nagged about the lack of space and the late nights but generally my dad is cool, he plays with my props and jokes about it. Love my dad ;)
ciana said…
Rather than disapprove of my cosplaying, my parents are pretty supportive. I learned how to sew because of this, so they're happy that I'm learning "life skills". xD

Of course sometimes the cost makes them a little annoyed...but I'm learning how to budget better so that they don't complain too much. ^^;
xrystal said…
i haven't gotten much unpleasant toilet experiences, and mostly people ask me what events are going on that sort of question. Only disturbing one is probably when i am a "guy" in the ladies...hahaha

"they still like the way we look like after dress up" << true. My mum is always commenting honestly whether she likes it or not (eg.pretty, scary, etc) IF i show her pix *lol* my father doesn't intervene with what i do.

she's often interested in the materials i use in costuming and sometimes takes the left-over to deco her own clothes =x i give her left-over wig extensions too~

she also takes interest in my cosplay friends. She knows most of u pplz (who teamed up/shoot with me) by names even if she hasn't seen u in person!

i never tell her about the costs, though apparently she knows it won't be cheap. There are times when i sew till 4am-5am in a row and she wld start nagging, but still tells me to eat vitC or other stuff in an attempt to stay healthy.

and yes, i always make the living room as if bypassed by tornados. There's a silent compromise btw us that she'll close one eye till the convention/shoot is over, then i'll try to pack up the mess bit by bit...
Engracia said…
Well, the evening papers are technically tabloids, and we all know that tabloids are infamous for not bothering to get their facts right. Instead, they place priority on sensationalism.

En, I think the qu mo shao nian might be referring to D.Gray Man. And the big hammer whould be Lavi's. hurr.
Sese said…
My parents at first especially my dad doesn't like the idea of me cosplaying. In fact they disapprove me of being an otaku at my age. I'm 25 you see.

They got over it because no matter how they disapprove of it I just keep on cosplaying and be the otaku that I am. So at the moment they're very neutral of it though when they learn I plan of competing in cosplay conventions the suddenly went all supportive. Weird. But yeah that's basically it.
Rafia said…
My Mum disapproves of most of the hobbies I get into because she's conservative and religious, My dad on the other hand is so supportive he even buys some stuffs he believes I could use for my cosplays (like contact lenses).

With regards to the public toilet inconveniences, I think it would be a big help for all the cosplayers if organizers would set aside a plce for them to change and prep up. saves everyone the hassle, don't you think so? Coz it can really get awfully crowded in the Public restrooms.
Shuui & Cvy: hhaa, you guys seem to have very fun parents xD

Personally I feel our society IS getting more and more accepting or rather, more USED to cosplay=)

Athene: Yeah, awesome typography xD. I understand what you mean about keeping your hobby under wraps. I used to be very protective too but these days I'm starting to relent and learning to give my hobby some pride. While cutting myself some slack. Its suffocating sometimes =\

Jac:OUTSIDE ?! What eye candy hahahhaa xD!

Reiko: Sighz, they are obviously playing with the title to drum more attention. I do my basic makeup at home too but ....most of the time, I still need to spend a lot of changing and touching up @_@;;

Annoymous: take it with a pinch of salt =) Its just the papers

Ecoli : =\ *hugs hugs*

Shuushuu: HAHAHHA OKAY BLEACH AND D'Gray MAn ahhahaa

Alkhe: thanks for the comment! it was surprisingly heartwrming to read all your comments and learn how despite most parent's disapproval, they would still help their children with the costume xD Actually my mom was like that too in the beginning. now she heck care me le =(

Yuanie: so lucky you never got any lousy toilet experience D:

Xiaobai: LOL closet all e way! how do you manage?

maria_tachi: agree that cosplay is a really extravagant and unpractical hobby.
LEon said…
I know it is most disappointing if your close family isn't understanding what you enjoy. And worst asked if you can earn a living or getting money for that.

The sad truth is that, there will always be none mainstream people pointing at you because certain things you do are different from them and with some of the childish action to get some attention during cosplay, it further imprint this negative view to those who are not supportive in the first place.
xAoiSora said…
The girl in the pic looks like Dead Master from the upcoming Black Rock Shooter but I'm not too sure. ;P

My parents never give a direct 'no' but they don't approve at all. Especially when a parcel comes when I'm in school and I end up having to sweet-talk them into collecting it for me.. =x
Anonymous said…
'Death God' = Bleach
shuushuu said…
I realised I never commented lol

My parents don't fully support, but neither do they object to my cosplaying. They grumble about the money(all cosplay funds came from my pocket money and salary), time spent, my sleeping at 1-4am on working days especially this year, making a mess of my room and the space it takes up. But they do help out. My dad helped me spray paint before and my mum helped/taught me to sew and draft clothes. The recent Cloth Road(big hat) one, my mum suggested me to take a taxi instead of bus and my dad actually helped me bring it down and into the taxi. Years ago, when I told them we cosplay at Orchard Road(Streetfest), my mum found it amusing we dared to walk along there. I suppose if I'm not committing a crime, they don't object to what I do.

As for the toilet, this is my account with Kaika, Yuanie and Ruby for other readers sake at the recent TGX. I met up with Kaika and we walked quite far end of Expo. The toilets there were miserable with 2 cubicles each. I insisted on finding one with nobody and with more cubicles so as not to hog for other non-cosplay users. We finally found one near the end with 10 over cubicles. While I was changing and Kaika was putting on her make-up, an admin guy and female cleaner came and said they were closing the toilet. Needless to say, we had to stop whatever we were doing and go to the small toilets. Another female cleaner came in and grumbled something like "since morning blah blah".

I understand where they're coming from, especially when toilets are messed up when cosplayers cut their wig, spray and mess up the toilet. But we're not the ones doing it so don't take it out on us ler...
美亜 said…
My parents dont really know how much I spend :X they never really cared enough about it anyway. My parents are very passive though, they're more amazed I can make something wearable out of a piece of fabric.

Of course I also get the "your mess is everywhere" but as long as I'm happy they don't bother to criticize me. So long as I'm not walking out of the house in a butt naked costume >w<

I haven't really had rude toilet experiences inside, but when my friends and I walked outside a bunch of girls sneered at us and said some rather rude comments. She didn't realize that my friends mom was behind them sneering back xD
min said…
This is late... but my two cents!

Hmm... when I first started I think my parents were amused. My mom even made my costumes hahaha. But when they realised I'm still continuing the hobby and spending alot of money and time on it, they began nagging. Though half amused though. My mom still gave me advice now and then with sewing and my dad is always half amused with the props I make... esp the recent one. I guess with time they got used to it. I think the reason why parents cannot see this hobby is also a form of art is because it's related to animation. To them, animation = cartoons and cartoons are for kids. Hence it's more difficult for them to accept.

The toilet thingy... like Shuui and Reiko, I tend to do my make up at home. It's more convenient anyway. I remember I did scare some guy who saw me at the toilet entrance when I was doing a guy cosplay. He had to check the gender of the toilet twice before entering the gents. LOL

IF let's say organisers do actually want to have a big event or so, I think they should start considering spaces for people to put their stuff (like luggages etc) and a place to do make up and change. If they want to continue promoting this hobby as a healthy (we all know it's a lie) hobby which is like fishing, they then need to provide space for cosplayers to do such things in order not to represent the community of this hobby in a bad way.

I might have been pampered with events in Japan already or something, but even small doujin events that is not cosplay-centric has changing rooms for cosplayers so that they do not hog the toilets. In fact, we were advise not to use the toilets in case we become public nuisances. And we were not allowed to cross certain areas so that we will not be public nuisances again.

It's a vicious cycle really. Parents hate us doing this, we annoy people in public, goes to the news, parents read and parents hates us doing this again. (Might be too superficial this example..;;;) But if organisers can provide necessary amenities for cosplayers and cosplayers also portraying a positive side to the public (ie not screaming and running in public causing aunties to frown upon us), we might be able to change the public view on us.

(Talk so much... I'm going to quit this hobby liao... hahahaha!)
Reika said…
Well..my parents never really did like the fact that i cosplay. but after seeing that nagging at me won't stop me i guess they slowly accepted it? But i do get the occasional nagging for leaving my props, wig, costume all around the house and stuff. My sisters on the other hand are pretty supportive of me, sometimes playing with my costumes, wig etc. and help me when i'm in need. but other then that i'm on my own. had to learn to sew, make stuff by myself.

As for the toliet, well i've never got chased out but there is that occasional annoying stares that you get, and people rolling their eyes at times. LOL. Normally i try to get my stuff done as soon as i can but it still takes time. But sometimes, i do get asked what on earth i am doing. LOL. especially the 'ang mo's ;X.

I guess public is getting used to cosplayers? i'm not very sure but judging on the amount of events we have been having. i think so;X. but still it doesn't mean that we are fully accepted D:. i was recently badly insulted by my classmates for being a cosplayer. Don't understand some of these people sometimes.
Cherriuki said…
I kinda hide cosplaying from them; especially when secretly buying wigs and stuff xD;;; which really is...quite expensive (but i dont use their money)

but they dont mind, in fact they helped me buy my first 2 costumes XD and helped me make my props as well. 8D;;

and for the toliet changin part LMAO YES PLZ. yep. my brother laughed his head off when i changed at home once. and well, its a bit werid here in Australia if people just randomly dress up, so its a bit awkward. loool. random stares FTW.

but i would think Singapore was more "cosplay" accpetable? o;
mao_406 said…
That's an ouch...and more ouch for me (who wants to cosplay) even though i'm no cosplayer yet, my family already starts chiding me about my clothing preference (cosplay-ish clothes)i evny those who have supportive parents...T_T and lately, i've been dubbed as "crazy" by my own mother because of it...really, an ouch indeed...what more if i start cosplaying (which is really soon)
Kai Kuchiki said…
I'm really interested (rather,really want to) cosplay but since there's no anime conventions here in my province, I'm still not able to cosplay--as of yet.T__T

But my parents are a bit supportive,they ask me if I need this or that for my "future costumes" and they don't mind if i dress anime-ish.Its ok to them that I dress as I please (but I still have my limitations :D) Though sometimes my father would ask why the heck do I want to cosplay or to listen to Japanese songs..>.<
Nonetheless they don't nag if I dress "weirdly" or play Japanese songs loudly..


A lot of people here in the Philippines are beginning to accept the culture of cosplayer while some (maybe still tons?) of them are discriminating cosplayers or even those who like to dress up anime-ish..T_T
Anonymous said…
My parents are COMPLETELY against me making cosplays. They are afraid that if I go to a convention, which I haven't yet, I may be the the only one or one of the many few who are actually cosplaying.

Just the other day, I made a pair of wings out of a cardboard box for my Dark Mousy from DNAngel cosplay and it's in my closet hidden away. The instructions and pics for it are posted on my deviantART page. My username is Sakura517. If you wanna look at my finished cosplay, look up "My finished Dark Mousy Cosplay".

But if anyone out there knows how to help me, please help. I'm desprate!
Aeris said…
my father loves mangas and comics(in fact he's a geek) my mother loves to sew and she loves that i wanna learn more about sewing.it's the reason why my parents encouraged me in cosplay ... i'm kind of lucky (sometimes they pay for my cosplay things ) one day i wanted a wig on ebay and my father bought it for fun like this with no reasons !!! O.O
Anonymous said…
my parents don't mind when I cosplay yea they look at me weird especially when I cosplay as guys or when I wear part my costume in public like my natsu scarf, akatsuki cloak, or pretty soon my attack on titan corps jacket that they wear in the show and then their like why are u wearing that and especially after a dance and we have 2 go 2 the store for something and im still in my costume my parents don't even want 2 b around me at all because of people staring at me hey I don't mind I love seeing their reactions lol but anyway and that I make 2 many hey when I see a character that I like and that I want 2 do in the future like sting, rogue, kirito, len. is it because they don't see it every day and that we cant express of who we are and what we love hey I still do it no matter what and my parents wont even help me put my costumes on they will but on rare occasions but ya that's why I go 2 cons and do this because I love doing this

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