World Cosplay Summit: Representative’s performance

OMG! WCS 2010 Kicks off this Sunday!!! How time lies! Before we anticipate the final battle of the nations, let’s have a recap of their preliminary performance!

A little rant first, seriously tell me, am i the only one who finds the official WCS website somewhat annoying and slow in reflecting updates? Singapore and Thailand’s representatives have been selected for near a month before it has been officially stated on their website.

imageAnyway, because I was annoyed with the official website, I decided to do an entry for people like me, who are keen to poke more into the happenings of the World Cosplay Summit, but aren’t keen to stalk the blog or website everyday.

Last year they had some awesome video coverage of the entire event with exclusive interviews with each representatives. But they choose to restrict the video to a speciifc Japanese flash player. And none of us could watch the video despite installing the plugin multiple tiimes @_@ Was very annoyed.

wcs 2010

Picture by ~alsquall.

Most people I’m sure, are like me, just wanna know who was selected, what were they cosplaying as and how entertaining were their skit. Simple.

So I’ve searched high and low to put together this video compilation entry that has skit performance of all the countries I can find. I’m lacking links to Korea, Italy and China. Does anyone know if there’s any videos of their performance online?  Without further ado, scroll down for the alphabetically organised videos =)


















United States of America



*Phew* Hope you guys enjoyed the performance, was pretty troublesome to gather these videos ^^;;;

As I mentioned, World Cosplay Summit kicks off this weekend.  Go to the official website for the full event schedule and guides. Also check out fan groups like World-Cosplay-Summit on deviantart for eye candies!

World Cosplay Championship 2010
August 1(sun),2010
Open Gate 16:00 / Start 19:00 ,
Area Map (PDF)
Official Website:


Marina Lazovic said…
Really awesome!!
I'm so proud to be a german, when I saw their video :D
But also every video was really great!!
美亜 said…
Thank you so much! =( I was starting to get annoyed at trying to find all the competitors that one in their home countries >_<
Ganbatte Singapore!
Anonymous said…

China's representatives and their performance for this year. :)
Jac said…
aww no PH :( gj on the teams featured in this post tho :)

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