WWCPJ: Cosplays in Chile!!!

In line with the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey Project, I will do an entry to spotlight on the representing countries of the participating cosplayers ^_^ !
And as we all know, our first recipient is Asakura Haruto from Chile! So this is my short tribute entry about Chile and the cosplayers within it =) Much thanks to Asakura for providing me with the many links and photographs! 

Below is a short entry about Chile the country. Summarized from Wikipedia =) 


Chile (traditional English pronunciation /ˈtʃɪli/,[5] also pronounced /ˈtʃiːleɪ/ ( listen)), officially the Republic of Chile (Spanish: República de Chile [reˈpuβlika ðe ˈtʃile] ( listen)), is a country in South America occupying a long, narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

The port of
San Antonio
Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations.[7] It leads Latin American nations in human development, competitiveness, quality of life, political stability, globalization, economic freedom, low perception of corruption and comparatively low poverty rates.[9] It also ranks high regionally in freedom of the press and democratic development.
Their official language is Spanish. German is also widely used.  

Crudos, a Chilean meal made of raw minced beef on sour-dough corn bread topped with lemon juice, chopped onions and a sauce made of yogurt, mayonnaise and shellfish.
Rodeo is a traditional sport in Chile. It was declared the national sport in 1962.  In Chilean rodeo, a team (called a collera) consisting of two riders (called Huasos) and two horses rides laps around an arena trying to stop a calf, pinning him against massive cushions. Points are earned for every time the steer is properly driven around the corral, with deductions for faults. Rodeos are conducted in a crescent-shaped corral called a medialuna.
The sport, in its modern form, is strictly regulated. Chilean Horses are used exclusively and riders are required to wear traditional huaso garb. The sport has become so popular that in 2004, more spectators attended rodeo events than professional football matches.

Chile also have many natural scenery for tourists to admire and enjoy. I’ve never knew Chile was SO BEAUTIFUL!!! This totally makes me wanna travel to Chile in the future T_T!!! 

And Asakura Haruto is from Antofagasta. Antofagasta  is a port city in northern Chile, about 700 miles (1,130 km) north of Santiago. It is the capital of both Antofagasta Province and Antofagasta Region.

The city's name comes from either a Quechua or Aymara word for "town of the great saltpeter bed."

And here comes the Cosplays! Text below are what information I have summarised from what Asakura Haruto have kindly provided for me. If I make any mistake in naming the cons, please do excuse me >.<
Over at Arica (a city near Antofagasta) , the biggest event of the year would be COTAKUNÓ. Many people from the norths side and other countries, like Peru congregates there every year on February.According to Asakura Haruto, getting cosplay materials over there are difficult too. Especially wigs as those can cost quite a fair bit. There are many big events in Chile with very good prizes.
Below are some Events photos and videos.


Above Photos by DjCyberia

Photo by Diego Martin™

Photo by
Diego Martin™

Photo by
[Press for music]

    Photo by .:Camilo:.

         Ending with some links !

  1. http://www.cosplayelite.cl
  2. http://akibafestival.com/
  3. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1277794&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=1016883503&id=1181040579&ref=pf#!/album.php?id=1181040579&aid=61241&s=120&hash=b283ee97d5b69a3d238397009749f54f
  4. Anime Events in Santiago (Galleries)http://www.cosplayelite.cl/foroce/index.php?board=3.0
  5. http://www.flickr.com/groups/cosplay-chile/

According to Asakura, there are many other cosplay events in Chile. Namely,  Salones de Anime, X Revolution, Summer Cosplay Party, Antofacon, Anime Weekend.

The main and important events in Santiago are: Anime Festival,
Akiba Festival, Urban Japan Fest, Anime Expo. I would really like to link to them but again…I can’t seem to find them on Google T_T I bet its the language barrier….

I’m sorry I can’t be more insightful with this entry as the language barrier was too big for me to overcome. But I hope this little entry here will help spread a little love for cosplayers in Chile and let everyone else knows a little more about them =)!  Hope you guys enjoyed this entry, because this took me very long X_X

Banzai \o/ !!


Kai Kuchiki said…
hmmm..Having to learn more than three languages would be hard I think..>.<

I love what you posted about Chile! <3..It makes me wanna go and see Chile if ever I'll have the budget..*grins*
Ne, please feature Philippines next time.:D (since Alodia Gosiengfiao is also a Filipina...hehehe)
Jac said…
awesome post!
Laurie said…
I hope the 3rd WWCPJ participant would be a Filipino hahaha this suddenly reminds me that Alodia was supposed to visit Chile to judge a competition. The place really looks beautiful, a new destination when I travel haha but I want to start learning Spanish atleast : D lovely post Kaika-san : )
Kai Kuchiki said…
@Laurie : hmm..It would be great (and an honor) If the next WWCPJ would be a Filipino..:D
I also want to learn Spanish before Traveling to Chile..:D
Momo~ said…
Oh my god. Chile is my country :D! I'm very glad you have written about my precious country. It's a really good place, you have to come here :3!
And isnt necessary you have to speak spanish, so many people here speak english and wants to help ^^

OHOHOH I'm so excited, I don't know what to say >w<!! And my english is too bad, you know...
But, chilean cosplayers are very nice. I have some cosplayers friends and they are awesome!

If you want more pics, I have a lot! And I have pictures and informations of the convs. like Urban Japan Fest (this is made so near of my house, hahaha), Anime Festival, Anime Expo, and stuff...

I really like your post *-*!
And, I'm followin' you n.n!!

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