Jul 9, 2010


Guess what guys? The parcel has reached our first participant in Chile!!!!!!! I can’t say how excited and relieved I am to hear this news!

Made a collage to commemorate \^_^/!!!!

OSI Work

Much thanks to Asakura Haruto for providing me the cosplay photos used above =) Also, I’m pleased to announced that the dedicated URL for the WWCPJ proj is finally up (actually it was up a  week or so ago). Paid USD for shorturl to finally approve it @_@ !!!!!!

For future updates, if you don’t wanna visit the main TCC blog, you can hop over to that link instead. Even though updates over there might be a litttttllee slower. I know that WWCPJ page  is a very blehhh… but I’m still working an efficient and easy way to get everything together. Let me know if you guys have any comments/suggestion for improvement!

Look forward to a Chile Cosplay dedicated post and look forward to being selected by Asakura ^_^!


Violently Natural said...

Awesome Sauce!! :D

Jac said...

Yay now for Chile to send it forward to their nearest neighbor :D

Maria said...

Wooo, this is great! :D
WHo will be the next? =D

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