Much thanks to maria for pimping. Here’s a documentary styled video produced by ANIMAX and filmed on AFA 2009. This clip features everyone’s favorite Cloud; Kaname. 

Kinda funny to see Tashigi in the still above xD. Anyway, enjoy !!!

EDIT: HOMG LAH, Kaname is SO Generous. He actually allowed the camera crew (and essentially the whole world) see his whole make up process plus letting everyone in on his little intimate cosplay secrets (padding) ??!!! I would never have the guts to do that !

Would you allow a camera crew to film you before you are ready?


Soh said…
Haha I've gotten film crew and then a photographer photograph me getting ready quite a few times now. Nothing beats seeing yourself in hairnet. Super gross.
Anonymous said…
Now I really respected Kaname that he is not just a pretty man but he shows people how he make up all the unglam
He is really da fang
Anonymous said…
i wouldn't dare ><. I feel so weird letting people see me in a hairnet so i usually settle all my cosplay stuff at home before heading to the event itself (partly laziness)
soh: EH??? Were you on some tv programems before ^^?? *wanna watch*

Maria: Yes I totally agreed! I wouldn't be able to do it >.<

Annoymouse: Don't worry, you're not alone >.<
Laurie said…
I really admire Kaname, he is so generous and he inspires other people to try and strive to do better in their hobby. ^ ^
You can really see his passion...he's a great cosplayer but what makes him stand out is his passion and how he wants everyone to be as good as he is... Hahaha

I always do preparations in the event since I don't want to ride trains wearing my costume, but I try to find a not so crowded place ^ ^; and I always have my hair done.
Anonymous said…
I ensure that people wont see the unglam side of me before cosplay!!~
Jac said…
haha you already know the mayhem I cause dressing in toilets roflmao XD
Min said…
Well he just earned himself a new fangirl. XD

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