The Game Xpo 2010: Day 1, Photo Pimp 2

Again, apologies for the delay. So much have been consuming me. Judging from my update rates I’m sure you guys will forgive me right xD *takes out bloody chopper*

Anyway, more of photos and less of nonsense talk!

10Jul10_TGX 016

10Jul10_TGX 093

Durarara! She had the vending machine and I requetsed for her to try carrying it. Which she very nicely obliged

10Jul10_TGX 096 10Jul10_TGX 097 10Jul10_TGX 098 

but apparently…its really quite heavy =X

 10Jul10_TGX 100

FWARHHHH~!! *Smashes vending machine*

And then begun the scary omake photos….

10Jul10_TGX 102 10Jul10_TGX 104

Xiaobai as Luffy with her fishballs which look weirdly suitable.  Mitsuki as a character from Guuren Lagann with fishballs that didn’t really go with her XD.

10Jul10_TGX 109 Notice the faces behind, thank you.

10Jul10_TGX 110 10Jul10_TGX 111 10Jul10_TGX 112

Top Left: That would have been an awesomely cute pic if not for the hand. Try guessing who’s hand that is xD

Top right: moar photo bomb!

Left: I’ll..leave this to your imagination




   10Jul10_TGX 123 

Fang selling Buns. 3 for $100. I swear I didn’t quote this price, she did!


10Jul10_TGX 124

And it was Sheryl’s buns! I mean erm, you know, steamed Chinese buns.



10Jul10_TGX 127 Karakuni as Kurapika!

10Jul10_TGX 130 10Jul10_TGX 131 10Jul10_TGX 133  Kawaii~10Jul10_TGX 135 10Jul10_TGX 136

Skye as someone from Pandora Hearts?

10Jul10_TGX 139 10Jul10_TGX 141 10Jul10_TGX 140 10Jul10_TGX 144

Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan!

10Jul10_TGX 148 I think Sakana was doing 5 stars story?10Jul10_TGX 149

10Jul10_TGX 001

Our Inuran as Miku

10Jul10_TGX 153

10Jul10_TGX 156

Sakura Zaki as a character from Umineko?

 10Jul10_TGX 158 10Jul10_TGX 159

I have no idea who these guys were cosing but they were quite funny. They kept runnign around and ‘tackling’ each other ahha.


10Jul10_TGX 160 10Jul10_TGX 164 10Jul10_TGX 167

Ranma 1/2 !!!

Both cosplayers were very cute and when they saw us running over (yes, embarrassing u_u) , they even asked if we want another pose from them to get a better shot. ^_^!

10Jul10_TGX 169 Someone brought big ass lights to the event hall o_o

 10Jul10_TGX 003

Chrono!10Jul10_TGX 006 Black Rock Shooter!

10Jul10_TGX 008

 10Jul10_TGX 009 10Jul10_TGX 011

10Jul10_TGX 012 10Jul10_TGX 013 10Jul10_TGX 014 

Huhuhurrrrr omake fang!


allkhe said…
That event place looks packed like crazy 0_0 Love omake shots, they always crack me up.

Mitsuki is Nia from Gurren Lagann
Skye is Will of the Abyss from Pandora Hearts
Sakura Zaki is Lottie from Pandora Hearts as well :)

Actually, I have a question about cosplaying during events. You see your favorite character being cosplayed and you really want a photo of him/her, but the cosplayer is talking with a large group of friends.

Do you think it's proper etiquette to wait for the cosplayer to finish his/her conversations even if the conversation goes for a long time? Or should the congoer try to ask politely?

Although I know there isn't any obligation for the cosplayer to pose for the congoer... 0_o I just thought I'd ask this, since this post was taken at an event.
I was extremely excited about the Ranma 1/2 cosplayers as soon as I saw the photo. :D It's so hard to find people who appreciate older anime and manga like Ranma 1/2. Nowadays everyone's overly obsessed with Naruto and Bleach and don't even know about the classics.
Allkhe: Ah thats a great question! Usually if I'm in this situation, I wait u_u||| Because I believe in the age old etiquette that one should not interrupt another's conversation (at least try not to).

I'll try to stay close and with some eye contact, imply my intentions subtley.

I'll try to wait for maybe 5minutes, if they still don't finish then...depending on how eager I want their photograph, I'll either walk away or interrupt them ^^; Hey at least i tried to wait :D?

Violently Natural: YES!! Yuanie and I ran over from across the event area xD!
Jac said…
whee I know the Ranma cosplayer ^^ she pulled it off really well!
Buuu said…
it's Cvy's hand isn't it? XD haha!
Asai Tomoko said…
awesome event.. anyway kaika, a lil bit info..

skye cos as white alice from pandora hearts

and sakurazaki as lottie from pandora hearts also.. X3

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