The Game Xpo 2010: Day 2, Photo Pimp 1

Many many apologies again for falling behind so desperately! Life has been straining  so pardon the slowness in updates.
This entry showcases cosplay photos from TGX day 2. I wasn’t cosplaying that day and arrived very little (as usual) and didn’t managed to take as much photos as I used to. But I did have an experience of a lifetime, literally, in a not-so-pleasant sense.
Let’s talk as I pimp photos.
 11Jul10_TGX 004The first person I saw and took photo of was….. can you guess who is this?
When I first arrived, one of the first few familiar faces I saw was Sakurazaki (or was it Ashz?? pardon my STM). Who then led me to where Lenneth and her group were having their private shoot, somewhere off the corridors of the event hall.
And so I hung around there just randomly going trigger happy and joking with everyone. When I suddenly felt something hit me on the back of my straw hat.
Have you guessed it ??
11Jul10_TGX 022
Yes, its CVY!!!!!
 11Jul10_TGX 023 11Jul10_TGX 044
Leave a comment if you support cvy cosplaying more MOE girls!!!!!!!
11Jul10_TGX 019

Which is strange… because I was on the 2nd level, leaning on a railing that drops off to the ground floor. Meaning to say, nothing should be able to reach me from behind !!!!  Drew a little diagram to let you guys understand better.
11Jul10_TGX 004 copy
I turned around slowly to see a pair of spectacles rolling off my body and dropping to the ground . My first thought was “ what an expensive object to use to pull a prank. What were those brats thinking ?!”. I thought some idiots were playing catch or something and  threw the pair of glasses up from the first floor.

11Jul10_TGX 011
11Jul10_TGX 009
What happened next were just fuzzy memories. But before I realised, a few mean looking teenage boys holding a cup of noodles (no joke=_=;; ) were standing less than 1 meter away from us. Raising their voices and making scary faces, not at me of course ^^;;;

11Jul10_TGX 013 11Jul10_TGX 015
Sakurazaki as a character from Magic Knight Rayearth
They were ganging up against this other guy. And before I could figure out what had happened, a digital camera fell to the floor and landed near my feet. The lone guy was then dragged away with me still dumbstruck.
11Jul10_TGX 028
Final Fantasy 4 !!
EDIT: Opps okok, I heard you guys. Its Final Fantasy 9 not 4 !! I recognise garnet but I have no idea why I thought it was 4 >.<;; 
He was led, or more likely half dragged over by the 3 boys to a short distance away. I guess the 3 teenager didn’t wanted to involve anyone else (us).
I won’t go on any further to describe the graphic actions ( because I didn’t have the guts to look either).  But let’s just said, it wasn’t ugly but it wasn’t a pretty sight either.
From the little we could hear, it seems like the lone guy(who looked like the usual otaku event attendee) did something along the line of touching the girlfriend of one of the teenage boys.  And the boys got upset enough to want to do something to him.
11Jul10_TGX 029 11Jul10_TGX 031 11Jul10_TGX 034
Lenneth as Megurine Luka
After a few fist and legs, the teenage boys got over it pretty soon and thankfully nothing life threatening occurred.
But it was still a pretty alarming experience for me and the people around. That was really the last thing anyone would expect from a Cosplay /Animanga/Game event. I’ve been attending events for 9 years and that was the first time I saw a real fight go on in front of me involving an event attendee and the event goers.
11Jul10_TGX 073
11Jul10_TGX 075
Kawaii Len & Rin!!
The scariest part about this whole incident was not the punches nor the kicks. But the fact that when the fight happened, nobody stepped out and did anything. Including myself.
11Jul10_TGX 038
I love Lenneth. She always look at my camera xD!!!! *kisses sexy luka*  Their entire team was so adorable and size appropriate XD
Everyone just stood around and gawked. And me? All I did was stand around and kept asking if anyone knew any of the them.
The incident just made me felt so............. bad about myself.
I felt useless to know that, in the face of violence, I was so helpless. I didn't know what to do and didn't know what I should do. Worse of all, at the back of my mind, I was most afraid of being thought of as a busybody intruder

11Jul10_TGX 041
Windy as Hatsune Miku!
11Jul10_TGX 050
You know, the bad thing about watching too much anime/reading manga. Is the fact that everyone of them either have some supernatural abilities or has
the skills to fight 10 gangsters off by themselves and are all passionately chivalrous and heroic. And you get pulled into thinking that that is the norm.
Which then makes you feel like garbage after watching those made-up people doing remarkable things you can only dream of. And then real life comes along to prove that those things are really beyond you -_-.
Okay, I rambled too much. Sigh.

11Jul10_TGX 053
11Jul10_TGX 056
Drefan as a character from Resident Evil 5
And this incident made me opened up another perspective towards Cosplay Event. The danger of attending such a convention either as an attendee or as the cosplayer.
As a cosplayer, revealing so much skin and putting yourself under the spotlight may be an undermined danger. Because amidst all the flashlights and glamour, Cosplay events are usually frustratingly crowded with too much things going on at the same time. And it can be easy for low handed, immoral individuals to make use of the situation to satisfy their lust.

11Jul10_TGX 060  11Jul10_TGX 059
And then somehow, god knows how, the cosplayers started ganging up against the photographer. And subjected them to brutal torture. like rounding them up and walling them around  with no way to get out! Forcing them to go crazy xD
11Jul10_TGX 058
And making them do random KungFu stances
11Jul10_TGX 063
Mind controlled them to become cotton boob caressing and skirt lifting …….gays.
 11Jul10_TGX 064
And I’m sure this was another subconscious mind controlled behavior; Sentai formation!
I have this on video. Maybe I should upload xD
11Jul10_TGX 068Lucky Dog?

11Jul10_TGX 071  Xrystal, Yuanie and Sakana cosplaying from Dark Stalkers
  11Jul10_TGX 079
Cheong Sam Sheryl, Ranka and…. ALTO?!!
 11Jul10_TGX 081
Hoshi’s prop Owl ! Valefor made it from scratch D: 
Valefor must have casted Voodoo on it because it attacks human!
 11Jul10_TGX 083 11Jul10_TGX 085 11Jul10_TGX 084
The owl and its 3 victims D:
I think nobody did anything to stop the fight because everyone was like me, uncertain if they should interfere. Humans are complicated animals =\ Its amazing and frightening to know the complexity of one’s thoughts and action.
I'm not saying this to bash anyone, but do you think the teenage boys did the right thing? Do you believe the event attendee touched the girlfriend (who i assume was cosplaying)?
Do you think he deserved it if hypothetically assuming he did touched the girl? What would you have done if you were in my shoe?

Ps: Sorry if this post seemed a little jumbled up and incoherent. My brain’s not cooperating.


If the boy did touch the girl, I don't think violence was the answer. Even if he harassed her in some way they could have gotten security or con staff to remove him from the convention or at least take the fight outside and away from other con goers. I never think it's right to gang up on someone in a fight.
allkhe said…
Maybe I would have tried to find security or maybe a staff at the event hall to alert them that a fight is going on? Or I would have been one of the people standing there and staring because sometimes we can get so shocked that no one thinks straight :/

Were they emboldened because they were at a games expo and they thought they were being cool 'knights of justice' (like those from games)? For all we know, the guy could have been overprotective of his girl and over reacted due to feeling a 'high' from the event mood. But if the harasser really did cop a feel, they settled it without causing a lot of disruption to other con goers. As you said, they eventually cooled down and the fight wasn't ugly. I still think they ganging up on a hapless guy was wrong though. It's a dirty thing to do. Man to man could have been better.

The Final Fantasy couple is Kuja and Garnet from FF9, not FF4 btw xD
Usually, at incidents like that, I would just watch from a distance since I'm not really involved with it, however, I also think I'm obliged to step in and do something about it 'cause folks usually are visitors in cons and they might think so odiously on con people. The best thing I can do for them is to tell them to take it outside before any exchanging of fists are made.
Jac said…
a boyfriend's first reaction would most normally be to attack the one who has upset his gf. I hear similar stories of husbands fighting with men who groped their wives in crowded MRTs and buses here in SG.
.:decadence:. said…
hey babe it's final fantasy 9 yo! >_<

anyway yes I think Cvy should cosplay more girl characters! Please convince her more that she looks really awesome as girls!! <3

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