Baby Cosplays!

A very straight forward title. And no, I don’t mean noobs/newbies or whatever you call it. I mean REAL BABIES (or toddler/or kids) who COSPLAYS!

This is a uber cute entry for the feminine sector to "awwwww" over xD

Baby Gaara playing with sand. It's hard to believe he has a monster inside him xD

AWWWW Baby naruto drinking milk T_T And a naruto who's a natural BLONDE! Can I bring him home now ??????

Baby Itachi xD

Tifa and Baby Chocobo !!!!



And then we have the epic battle of the baby chocobo vs the giant chocobo. Which has your vote xD?


This one is damnnnnnnnnnnn cute T_T The tiny body, the hat and the playing with the fan while walking unsteadily >w<

And I found part 2! Or rather, another perspective xD


maria_tachi said…
Cuteness until my tears almost drop out!!~
Jac said…
haha cute ^^ alas I'm still waiting for my nieces and nephew to express their interest to cosplay
Kail-Ink said…
really cute xD but do they know themselves what they are doing right now? xD must be fun to see this videos after they grow up xDD

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