Miccostumes Costume Review

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A parcel was delivered to my place last Saturday. Can you guess what it was?

No of course you can't guess it =.= .

Its a Lucky Star summer uniform costume!
Kindly sent to me for a review by miccostumes.com! Miccostumes is a china based costume shop that also serves the English speaking community. They have a wide array of cosplay and Halloween costumes online. Before I begin, I must disclaim that I am not paid for this. I was only given the costume for review.
P1130596 P1130621
First impression of the costume was how neat the sewing looked. Well, of course that's ignoring the wrinkles n,n;;
P1130592I like how the bias are sewed on neatly.
There is something special about the design of the skirt, it has an elastic band at one side of it. I guess this is a feature to help the skirt fit different users as much as it can.
It's a pretty cool design if you are afraid the skirt won't fit you. Though for me, the elastic just kept slipping up, making the short skirt even scandalously shorter.


P1130601The material used seemed to be some sort of cotton and polyester satin. It is light and thin and I guess that fits the summer theme. Though it can feel kinda chilly sometimes.
The size sent to me was a female S. The skirt fits me perfectly but as you can tell from the picture, the top is humongous on me. I guess this is expected from Bought-Off-The-Shelves costumes. When I took part in the TGX Shana competition last year and had to wear the costume provided by them, the top was way too big for all of us too. I guess this is due to the no zip or button design. 
If you’re concern about fitting issues, Miccostumes also provides customisation services =)


If you're new to cosplay and don't have any sewing experience or you're rushing to get a costume for Halloween, miccostumes.com is a website you can check out =)

Also, Miccostumes is giving all TCC readers a 5% discount. Quote "thecosplaychronicles" to get it while ordering =)

(omg wrong socks gomen ne T_T) 
And just to put my stand across clearly, I think Cosplay does not necessarily mean you have to make everything from scratch yourself. Personally, I think its more about having fun and paying tribute to the series you like. It’s the respect you pay towards the costume, the series and the effort you put in that counts. Of course making everything from scratch is definitely more admirable and fulfilling. But if one does not have the skill and time to make it work, getting a professional to help you with it shouldn’t be a capital crime as long as you’re honest about it.
Let’s bear in mind that Coplay IS A HOBBY. It’s meant to be enjoyed and not stress yourself over. At the end of the day, you answer to nobody but your own conscious =)
Anyway, I will probably give this costume out soon so stay tuned ^ ^!! I hope this review was helpful =)
Costume: Miccostumes.com
Photo Credit: Sour Cheese
Wig: Yuanie


maria_tachi said…
Just wondering what does it means by review?

Does it means that they give you the costume and you help them do a review?
Anonymous said…
is there any remote way i can get a free cosplay too? :D
i would also want to know what does it mean by a review... :O
Anonymous said…
Yay Lucky Star! So cute *u* That does seem like pretty good quality for RTW costumes :)

I think the top looks fine though. The real school uniforms are very boxy on top because of no opening and because for school they don't want anything too form-fitting for girls ;) It look quite normal like the school uniforms I have seen in real life, except this one has a much shorter skirt, of course!

Did they give you a price on this costume? I wonder if it is much more expensive than some of the other costume shops that make bad quality costumes! Though personally I would like to make my own costumes, I still think store-bought costumes are fine :)
jactinglim said…
Argh I kinda want it XD but I already have the winter version!
Laurie said…
Kaika as Konata and Miyuki is a win ^ ^; Very good and sincere review from my end XD

I really admire how you portrayed the characters, their personalities shows through :D
Laurie said…
Wow! Amazing cosplay ^ ^ Like how the two characters showed through even if it was the same cosplayer and same costume. A really sincere interview in my opinion
Unknown said…
cute cosplay!

and its really cool that you're doing this review. at least I think it'll help those interested in thinking of trying out cosplaying. keep it up!
Junko said…
I like your last part! :>
Cosplaysky said…
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