Random Cosplay Tips #8: BURN THOSE FRAYS!

This is an age old method of dealing with the fraying ends of cloth; burning it with an open flame. Of course, it is a dangerous method but personally I think it is a really easy way to solve the fraying problem. Especially if you don’t have access to an interlocking machine.

This method is also useful in creating a whimsical effect for certain looks. Though an important point to note, this method only works on fabric with synthetic content examples like Polyester etc Never try it on natural fiber fabric like Cotton as those are highly flammable.


Start with a candle. I didn’t have a candle holder so I used two shark hairclips to create a temporary candle holder :D


P1110290 P1110291

The tip to this is moving quickly. Never let the flame burn for more than 1 second.

P1110294 P1110295  

Before and after =)

EOY_0054 copy

I was in a rush while making my Makoto Kikuchi costume. And so the entire costume was burned this way…. I mean the edges were burnt this way  @_@;;

Note: Always be extra careful when you’re working with fire! Don’t attempt this if you’re underage or without the supervision of an adult! Unless you’re an adult yourself xD


Thanks for the tip. I was going to use your pleated skirt tutorial, but I don't have an interlocker. I ended up just hemming the edges since this article wasn't written yet. Next time though, I'll use fire.
Laurie said…
thanks for the tip :) but I was wondering would it work for a mix of synthethic and natural cloth?
Violently Natural: Hemming the edges is a good practise xD! Actually, burning the edges is more a "cheater" method

Laurie: My impression is yes it would =) BUT, do a simple trial on a small piece of fabric first before trying it on your costume.
Jac said…
haha yeah thanks for giving me a new reason to buy scented candles XD
Anonymous said…
Is it okay if you burned it on 50% polyesterer and 50% cotton?

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