Axis Power Hetalia Day Event 2010 (COUNTDOWN!)

WOOOOO counting down counting down counting down! 6 more days to the APH celebration event! For any APH fans out of the loop, APH fans in Singapore have come toether to organised an event just for Axis Power Hetalia!
Are you screaming yet >D ??

Let me break things up into bits size for your ease of digestion.

DATE: 23rd October 2010
TIME: 11: 00am - 6:00pm
PLACE: Yio Chu Kang Community Centre (how to get there)
SCHEDULE: APH Cafe and mini games

I am so sad that I have to miss this wonderful "For fans by fans" event by the awesome Hetalia fans in Singapore. *Sigh*

Even though I'm not an APH fans, I had still looked forward to going to the event and being entertained by rabid kawaii fangirls >.< . But alas, I will be in Hong Kong by then meeting Danny Choo and Alodia... Haha  but seriously, the orgnising committee has put so much in to make this work I'm sure it would be epic fun.

Remember to go support them and have a crazy saturday out at Yio Chu Kang Community Centre! Remember its Yio Chu Kang COMMUNITY CENTRE and NOT Grassroot =)


Maria said…
OMG! I will go to the APH day in Barcelona, Spain! x33
Jac said…
that sounds awesome :)
maria: APH sounds like so much fun>.< Maybe I shd continue watching it...

Jac: please go and support them^^

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