Axis Power Hetalia Day: Singapore!

*EDIT: New video added XD !!!!

The Singapore’s APH Day event have ended today and it was awesome! Gin and I had a lot of fun participating in the missions xD

I didn’t participate in the APH day event last year but I had a lot of fun at the event this year. Kudos, to the organising committee for finding such an awesome location that is not only air conditioned but also very accessible (3 minutes walk from MRT !). I also love how they painstakingly designed so many interactive activities for event attendees to take part in. The games and missions stuck very closely to the APH Theme so they are not only relevant but also informative (at least to a non History student and non Hetalia fan like myself xD. Hey, I found out that Sealand is a micro nation!)

  23Oct10_APH Event 108
Absolutely kawaii USA and UK plushies in a cup!! I think it is the official stuff.
One of my biggest grip with the commercial events these days is the lack of interaction and entertainment for the event attendees. Seems like only fan based events like these really cater to the needs of fans.

My Mission card/ Passport! Look at how Sticker cluttered it is xD  I’m so hardworking !
The organising committee designed a passport like this to be given to every event attendee. Written on the card are the event rules and instructions to start the mission. The actual missions itself are not written on it and it’s our duty to find the individual ‘countries’ to get our mission. Every time you complete a mission you get a sticker from that country. We had a lot of fun running around, bothering all the different cosplayers. Much thanks to all of them for entertaining us ^_^

I took videos most part of the day so my photo selections aren’t that fabulous. But pimping some of them first before I get the Videos out (if I ever get it out @_@).

23Oct10_APH Event 11123Oct10_APH Event 110
23Oct10_APH Event 09823Oct10_APH Event 058
23Oct10_APH Event 113
The APH Cosplayers! Love how fun loving all of them are. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, these are all stills from the video I took. Personally I think they all look really natural and cute here xD
Hungary evil laughing while telling us her mission xD

 image image image
France photo bombing and showing off his amazing beard xD

23Oct10_APH Event 010
America san(aka Farmer Dan) getting overwhelmed by his fans LOL

23Oct10_APH Event 028 23Oct10_APH Event 026 
Booth merchandises! The stuffs were all so cute (and expensive T_T). I bought some stuffs to give you guys so stay tuned ^_^!

   23Oct10_APH Event 029 23Oct10_APH Event 033 23Oct10_APH Event 034 23Oct10_APH Event 035
23Oct10_APH Event 03223Oct10_APH Event 031
Some awesome talent and humor shown on the Graffiti wall XD          

23Oct10_APH Event 052 23Oct10_APH Event 049
There were quite a few (4 in total me thinks) game booth at the event. This booth is mended by China. As you can tell from the pictures, its similar to “Pin the tail to the Donkey” but APH China Hello Kitty Flavored xD That’s Russia playing by the way xD

 23Oct10_APH Event 073 23Oct10_APH Event 071
The other 2 games at the event. The “Hetalia Trivia” and “Mochii Harvest”.

The Hetalia Trivia was a quiz game that quizzes us about World History and Hetalia trivia and we totally sucked at it xD The Mochii harvest was really cute with all tediously made Mochii heads. You basically get three tries with the Mochii harvest and if you managed to scoop a minimum of 2 Hetalia character heads out, you win. But some weird nonsense were also thrown into the basket as decoys.

 23Oct10_APH Event 067 23Oct10_APH Event 070

yes, I know xD.
 23Oct10_APH Event 038
The cafe. Didn’t get any decent picture of it because I was too lazy =X

    23Oct10_APH Event 06023Oct10_APH Event 066 
image image
image image
image image
The Karaoke sessions that just randomly grabbed the staffs up to sing. Yep, it was an American Hero Concert xD

And Dan if you’re reading this, don’t freak out at these pictures. These are just stills *evil grins* =)


23Oct10_APH Event 037
These kids were so cute! In fact the entire family was SO CUTE! The mom came dressed up as America and another lady with them dressed as England! I wish my mom was as cute xD

23Oct10_APH Event 078 23Oct10_APH Event 079
*points at Korea, Russia, China on the top* XD 

  23Oct10_APH Event 081
Sadly, Gin and I missed the group photo by like 2 minutes because we went out for a very late lunch. But at least I caught the Cosplayer’s group photo =)

23Oct10_APH Event 047 
Will be giving most of these away. Stay tuned xD


dAni3Lr said…
I oughta stop moving around so much PPU OqO

Glad you enjoyed yourself today!! I had so much fun too!! :D
steph said…
wow looks like so much fun!! haha i esp like the mochii harvest!
Xiaobai said…
XDD Glad you had fun!! I surely did! (and I am so damn embarrassed about my lousy singing nau /)_(\ ahaha) And I'm still sad you never come and do Italy's mission!!! T^T
.:decadence:. said…
eh babe! thanks so much for the feature! it looked like so much fun!!
Valtan said…
Haha the event felt so successful since both fans and non-fans had their share of fun!~XD~

Elizabeth mochi is with me, still wanna adopt it?~ =X
dan: LOL you were very cute lah! America suits you haha

Steph: yes it was!

Xiaobai: np! I had fun! And I can't do Italy's mission because you guys were outside most of the time xD

Decadence: glad u liked it!

Valtan: *_* gimmeeeeeeeeeeee
Jac said…
haha cute pics!
Soh said…
Super late to reading this but wow!! This sounded like so much fun!!! Next time you're going for one of these can ping me?? I'm so behind on these small events now. Should have gone!! >_<
Natalie said…
WA~ LUVKY!!!! I would have been up there too!!! xDD I love Karaoke! xD

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