Oct 13, 2010

Imma going hong Kong!!!

OMG I can't believe this...I'm going to Hong Kong next week!

*insert massive gasp *

 20100926-DSC_6010 copy

And you know what?

I bet I couldn't do it without you guys ToT so thank you for being here and I'll work hard to make this blog worthy. And my nuffnang ads actually managed to chalk up to.................... $3!! Okay, its really not much and it won't be $47 later till I can cash out. But hey, its a nice start yeah??

20100926-DSC_6002 copy

Once again, thank you all *bows*

ps: Does anyone know who are the other bloggers and cosplayers selected?


maria_tachi said...

Congratulation to you!!!~

z3LL said...

oh woooow! congratz kaika!!

Cvy said...

congrats!!! your turn to do travelling sprint X3

Laurie said...

Oh!!! I am so happy for you, Kaika! Congratulations! *jumps up and down*...ooh this is the start of more traveling cosplay blogs! ^ ^ waaah congratulations again!

Jac said...

congraaaaaats! you deserve it :D

~Hitomi~ said...

Omedeto :D Hope you have fun there & don't forget to post lots of pictures~

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