Poll time!

And so, I'm flying off to Hong Kong this weekend. Super excited !

And I just realised I still have not printed my namecards=_= and packed yet....

Anyway,back  to the point of this rushed entry. Do you think I should cosplay at the Halloween party this saturday? In case you don't know, its the Halloween party organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Which Alodia and supposedly Danny Choo has been invited to grace. But Mr DC will not be attending now due to schedule clashes.

But yes anyway, should I cosplay? I initially wanted to do bloody Shana (S2, last arc) but the thought of having to check in my Katana just puts me off=_=. Not to mention cosplay equates more luggage space and weight =_=;;

So come on tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Laurie said…
Of course, it's not everyday you can go to an event outside your country. Besides, cosplaying is part of you that makes this blog interesting.

When I first got hooked to this blog, I always thought about it as a blog by a cosplayer. Some bloggers blog about events and cosplay without actually cosplaying...so I think since you cosplay it adds something to your blog. Gah just my two cents, have a great weekend.
maria_tachi said…
You should cosplay Bloody Shana. That will definately draw more attention!!!
Jac said…
I only answered yes because it's called Hong Kong Halloween COSPLAY Party :)

Hong Kong Halloween Cosplay Party = cosplay

Hong Kong Halloween Party = dress up as anything spooky?

Hong Kong Party = dress up for a Hong Kong partay XD
Cosplay: it is Halloween, after all, and you should have some sort of costume just for fun
akiraceo said…
The question hunts me too T3T
I'm a blogger but it's a cosplay party.

It would be awkward if I'm not participating.

I did prepare something simple just in case.. :P
Anonymous said…
vocaloids ^^
im miku cendrilion ^^
see ya in HK
Anonymous said…
Yes, of course you should cosplay! It's a party on Halloween! The one day where it isn't weird to be in costume.
And if you do Shana you don't /have/ to bring the sword. People will still recognize you and sometimes it's okay to be without a prop.

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