Teenage Big Day Out (Studio Photos)

A friend of mine was tagged on facebook today and it appeared on my update list. So out of curiosity I went to check it out.

It was the Photo album for the Teenage Icon Auditions. As most of you would know, TEENAGE (Magazine) is currently hosting a cosplay competition. The selection rounds have already ended and here is the link to the studio photographs. Pimping because I find it pretty amusing I don’t know why xD Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not used to seeing cosplay photographs being taken in such un-complimenting studio lightings. Seriously, is it just me?


Anyway, the grand finale of the competition will be held between 5 to 7 Nov 2010 at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 402. Check the event out if you happen to be around. Give your cosplayer friends some morale support!

And according to the staff on facebook, they will be giving out Lee Min Ho’s posters that day. So if you’re a fan of Lee Min Ho, I guess you can start marking out your calendar now XD

Facebook Page:

Photo Album:


HIKOKA said…
No, it's not you. I think the lighting sucked. And out of which, i think i'm like 1 outta the 2 cosplayers that they took half body. And you know what? I LOOKED SUPER FAT (Like i wasn't fat enough, must like make my fats obviously). And the lighting caused my face to look so oily.

Bleh...somebody should ask them to get a new photographer.
saku-chan said…
Not just you! The lighting is pretty bad, and the angles for some just look unflattering. I think I couldn't recognise half of my friends there upon first glance. Oh wells... maybe it's just a photog in training? Hope he/she will improve =d
maria_tachi said…
I bought this week's issue of teenage :D
Hikoka: AH! U must be the JBF Luka ^_^ so cute ne =)

Saku chan: *shrug* I think the non cosplayers looked even worse. Most of them had very light or non existential makeup and the light totally killed them @_@

maria: they earned one readership :D
Jac said…
oh dear I am surprised at how shiny the faces are :( I hope the photography will improve :)
I feel like attending but I don't really know anyone there... if I go might feel like some hentai jiji (0_0) lol

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