AFA X 2010: Behind the scenes

The REAL behind the scene video of the Regional Cosplay Competition! Much thanks to the awesome Indonesian Photographer Andhika Mapparessa for taking all these lovely footages and taking the time out to edit them!

Andhika is the very spirited and friendly photographer/ helper of team Indonesia.

Sigh, watching this video is making me very sad and missing everyone. I really wished we had more chance to hang out together. And also wishing we could have joined them for dinner on Friday night. But alas could not do so due to last minute costume + skit rush T_T

Especially like this group picture he took of us before we went on stage for the results announcement.


maria_tachi said…
OMG!!!~ I always love seeing cosplayer repairing their costume cause that moment shows so much on the fact that they make their own costume and it's so touching seeing such scene. It remind me of the hardwork that they put into the costume. Love, time, effort and passion all in one costume!!!~

The video is very well-made cause it brings out the great moment you guys have. This definately will encourage more people to join Regional Cosplay Competition next year. Looks so much fun
Jac said…
aww nice entry ^^

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