AFA X 2010: part 2

Alright, gonna continue with my AFA X report before it goes stale! 
Met the guitarist, Katsu from Angela!!! Pity I didn't get much chance to see Atsuko. He was much better looking in real life and very polite and nice too >.<

I didn't expect to be able to meet them backstage so I didn't prepare anything for them. Thankfully I had some extra Key chains (that I bought for the other competitors) n.n ;; Which I passed to at a very inappropriate timing oTL. Keng Hou was laughing at my lousy timing I was just afraid I wouldn't get a chance to give it to him anymore >.<
Thinking back, I really feel like hitting myself with a brick. Being backstage allowed us to see many of the performers but .... Other than Katsu-san from Angela, I didn't get photos with any of them!!!!!!!!

May'n, Scandal, kaname, Alodia, Aira, Danny Choo.... NONE!!!!!!!! I brought my OTACOOL 2 along for them to sign but I was so overwhelmed by the competition and the threat of my camera battery dying, I didn't feel any motivation to do so. WHYYyyyYyYyyyy(?!?!!??????? *epic fails pose*

Random information, the Scandalous Scandal girls are really tiny in real life! I bet they are smaller than me

Zephyus and I getting interviewed by Animax

  Team Thailand getting interviewed by a few medias after their win

After the competition and media interviews, we finally went out to experience the event! Taking the chance to thank WeeLing from AsiaPRWerkz for taking care of us and handling the media for us. One thing I learnt, be very careful of the media. I understand it’s their job to churn out something interesting for their readers and its nothing personal. But it’s still good to be wary…
The festival seriously looked like so much fun and I'm already feeling the pinch of being left out. Dan very kindly offered to bring us around and suggested I try the Animax voice dubbing booth. But as luck would have it, they were running some recording while I was there and after like 15minutes, I gave up waiting.

P1150090 P1150091
The Butler Cafe and the MoeMoeKyun Maid cafe!

Dan then passed me over to the ever kawaii xiaobai (LOL i'm like some retard that needs a nanny) and we walked towards the sound of Karaoke singing. It was Joy sound's Karaoke booth and I gave up immediately after seeing the queue =.=

Yuanie’s Sailormoon team that boast the full cast stood their grounds at level 3

Then xiaobai led me to the empty hall where all the cosplayers were hanging around.
Met sexy Lenneth and Kanasaiii who were too sexy to notice me and I was too tired to bother them.

 Up skirt yay~ P1150095
Shuui and her uber cute Nintama team!!! The simplicity of their costume and their group really made them stand out. I noticed them immediately after entering the hall. Great job on doing this childhood series! I’m still loving Yuuki 100%

Took piccy with my hs partner, Cvy, who's Meltdown Rin blew me away. Epic as usual xD

and multiple attempt by kyubi, xiaobai and friends to photobomb us. Taken with my mobile which refused to focus hence the blurness.

After that we met Sakurazaki who told us about the Canon booth. Seriously, Canon must be the BEST sponsor ever. They had 3 studio booth with professional photographers that would print 8R photos of anyone. Damn awesome lah!

P1150101 P1150100  P1150102

This is my photo. I only took pictures at one booth so the other side of the fabulous paper frame is empty. Well, just as well for me to placed my certificate into it ^_^

171120102559 171120102560

The wig and shoes were constantly reminding me of their presence and I was pretty dead by this time. In fact, a part of my scalp still hurt till Tuesday.


And check out who we met while walking to the Taxi Stand xD Valerie was so happy to meet Ichiro san. And he was so nice to entertain our photo request^_^ ! *happys*

This marks the end of my AFA X report. I’m sorry if it was boring and bland.

After the competition, I was feeling so uncomfortable I found it difficult to even move around. What’s more, the crowd was overwhelming, it was a hassle trying to even get from one end to the other. But of course I know I shouldn’t complain about that because an event needs to be crowded to be successful. Oh wells...


Seras said…
Heya! Congrats on the competition! Omedetou!

Sorry we couldn't talk more that day, so many things were going on @_@ Thanks for letting me sign your book, am so honored to do so xD

oh, sorry for dropping your pen orz felt so paiseh haha
Jac said…
omg he's totally an awesome performer onstage :D lucky you!
Seras: NP! Thanks for signing my book and don't worry about the pen! I don't even remember it

Jac: YEsss and his really nice too ^^!!
Shadow said…
Hi Kaika, did you watch the Haruhi Movie ?
Shadow: Well, I was backstage when it was playing and could hear everyone enjoying it. But that's all ;/
Shadow said…
Ah, How Sad~ I feel bad for you, since you are a big fans of Haruhi and wanted to watch that movie and all. D:

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