Axis Power Hetalia Giveaway results!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in announcing this. It took me a long time to finally select the winner. You guys responded so passionately it really kills me to think most of you will have to be disappointed >.<

With that, I have decided to select TWO winners instead of one. And of course, the prize will be split.




Alright, enough digression. The winners are ….

1) clip_image001[4]Ana K. Horta
2) Breappan

Please email me at Elpheal (a) to tell me the following details and perhaps tell me which of the prize you would prefer to get so I can sort and split the prize between the 2 of you.

Your Name
Email (so I can double confirm things with you, just in case ^^; )

Please email me by 10th November, Midnight, GMT +8. I hate to drag giveaways so if I don’t get any response from you guys, I’ll just select another winner. Hope you understand  =)

For the rest of you who didn’t managed to get this round of giveaways, don’t worry. I’ll be having another one soon and it involves F*nal F*nta*y stuffs =X Much thanks to Decadence and Reiko for bringing them. Till next time!


Kai Kuchiki said…
Congratulations to the winners!XD
xAoiSora said…
Italy.. T__T Oh congrats to the two winners!!

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