Nov 15, 2010

End of AFAX!

I'm still feeling the jitters of the event so pardon any incoherent speech here.

But omg, thank you to everyone who enjoyed our skit and cheered for us! It was a long, pressurising and exciting journey.

I'm starting to feel the post event withdrawal symptoms and feeling sad for not enjoying the day even more.

Hong Kong and AFAX updates soon !!


Anonymous said...

You were awesome at today's comp!! CONGRATS (:

Shadow said...

Congratz on geting 2nd Runner Up :)

Laurie said...

Congratulations! All you're hard work payed off ^ ^;

Clive said...

COngrats!! You were awesome on stage!

Jac said...

gah I'm still recovering myself. My muscles are sore from standing around posing and in the concert lol

kimi-gin said...

Yeah yeah! Thanks for the fun memories and the stage jitters/ sweat/ tears/ worries/ blood (!) and aching muscles! Saikang warrior level up!

jasmine said...

Didn't manage to see you~~~ T_T
Otsukaree~~~ and Congratulations! Loved the video animation and editing! You're so awesome!!!
This is Tash's sis, Jasmine btw.

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