Online Exclusive AFAX Coverage (Animax)

I guess there's something good about sleeping late. You accidentally dig up treats like these xD.

Anyway, this is Animax's video coverage of the AFAX. Part 1 is on youtube, part 2 and 3 is hosted on the Animax Site. CLick their respective links below to check the videos out^_^

Part Two

Part Three

Argh! My fringe in the video is so ...wrong >.< Anyway, Enjoy!


Jeanie said…
Wow this looks really fun!! ; A ;
Jac said…
aww I wasn't able to browse inside :(
Junnie said…
Alodia's dress looks really familiar (Coincidence, I was eyeing on the same dress as well, in a different colourway though XP)

Nah your fringe does not look weird at all! XXXD

Anyway, thank you for the videos, even for a non-attendee like me I can definitely feel the lively atmosphere~^^

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