WWCPJ: 4th Participant from Peru!

Hi guys! the 4th Participant for our beloved Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey project was supposed to be Pop*Gal from U.S.A but she didn’t respond to Laurie’s (3rd Participant, Brazil) email and all. So Laurie picked another participant, who is Rita-Chan from Peru!!!

Apologies for the delay in updating but yes, the parcel is now on its way to PERU!!!! Wow! I feel like WWCPJ can really teach me a lot of geography^_^!


Brazil spotlight entry to come soon :D


Laurie said…
Oh I wish I was a parcel all of a sudden. It would be nice travelling the globe under stamps for fare prices. Airplane tickets can be quite expensive and you don't have to worry about Visa and travel documents that much.

Excited to read the WWCPJ entry for Peru ^ ^
rita-chan said…
wujuuuuuuuuuuu *0*

I hope the package come soon quickly,
btw Kaika, I email you soon.

very excited!
Jac said…
yay new update :D

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