Comic Fiesta 2010 (Day 1)

So last weekend, I took a bus and hopped over the causeway towards our neighbor, Malaysia to attend the biggest Comic & Cosplay event of the year; Comic Fiesta! We stayed at the Grand Seasons Hotel during our short trip. Much thanks to Maria for doing most of the logistic arrangements.


Comic Fiesta have definitely come a long way. I remember my first Comic Fiesta experience in 2002 (or was it 2003?) and it was held in a very small hotel hall. It was really small but cosy. So much have changed since my last CF trip (2007). The event this year had a pretty big event area and has a list of big commercial sponsors ranging from Animax to University and Hoyu. They also had some signing sessions.

One thing that hasn’t changed, was the warm and hospitable locals =). Alright, enough with my rambles, on to the pictures!
IMG_0072 IMG_0083
IMG_0077 IMG_0078
This is Peggy and myself in the hotel room waiting to be picked up by Faizul who was our most gracious tour guide and driver for the entire trip! Maria not in pictures because she had ventured out to buy us lunch (awesome Wanton noodles with the best Char Siew I’ve eaten in a long time!)
Skye as Sheryl Nome. Love her dress!
Yes…it was very crowded –_-
Touhou …Maria?
Red Queen and Alice! I never knew they were friends xD
Yes…very WTF. LOL!
IMG_0113 IMG_0116
Noshuu as Sheryl Nome! 
With Yuanie as Kagamine Len, Himitsu version! Xrystal and Sakana were deign Rin and Miku but I didn’t have any chance to take a group photo T_T
IMG_0131 IMG_0134 IMG_0128
Ayase and Kikyo’s team were cosplayign as characters from this Chinese Online game who’s name escapes me again @_@ But their costumes were SO AWESOME!!! According to Kikyo (lady in purple) , her costume cost her at least $700. The things we do for cosplays T_T

The only picture I have of Jesuke and Sakurazaki xD
Rina and friend as Kaito and Miku. Cendrillion version?
It has recently become a craze for Singapore cosplayers to trade CosCards with each other. Personally, I’m not for this whole craze because the practical side of me can’t help screaming (internally ^^; ) at the extravagance of this action and a namecard still retains its most primitive purpose to me. But oh well, everyone' just wanna have fun so…… ^^;;
Such a sweet Yuna. I melt every time I see her smile >w<
Ringo, Valerie, Himiko and Natsume as characters from APH!
With Viospace and Christy!
The Twin Towers. LOL

LOL much yes. Event hall was kinda crammed yes.
Ryeain as an original character. So cute!
With Sally! She was the one who helped me with my web code problem ^^. Really nice to meet her again after AFA!
And I saw Akihiko whom I met during the Hong Kong Halloween treats Party!
Very pretty Lightning *_*
Very ethereal RG Veda Cosplayer *_*! She definitely had the grace and features to pull this off >w<
Gumi, Madness of Duke Venomania version! Was pretty surprised to see a cosplay of this song since this song doesn’t seemed to have picked up yet. But lovely choice of colours and fabric. Also a shout out to the cosplayer , thank you for reading this blog^^
IMG_0191 IMG_0195
IMG_0198 IMG_0203
Like I mentioned previously, Comic fiesta this year was a big eye opener for me, partly due to the commercialism of it. There used to be almost no commercial sponsors but this year had a lot. But I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong. Having the ability to get the attention of the big boys proves the grandness of the event and definitely help to secure better locations =)
The many merchandise booths!
I’m really glad Comic fiesta still retains its big array of Doujins and fan merchandise booths. I must admit I went gaga over the cuteness of the merchandises sold there.
IMG_0206 IMG_0207
For some reason this dolfie reminds me of the boy from “Just be Friends”. XD
IMG_0213 IMG_0214
Absolutely kawaii sock plushies on the right T_T. I bought a blue ninja for Shuui :D
Bumped into Akihiko again who changed into Miku XD
Hahaha Konata met the Tenchou! Crimotaku cosplaying as the Tenchou from Lucky Star
Idamaria! definitely a surprising cosplay to see ^^. Apparently there was a Kucabara too but I didn’t get the chance to meet him. I don’t know about you guys, but do you guys feel a sense of familiarity/bonding whenever you see someone who cosplays as the same character as you? I always feel a little happy whenever I see someone cosplay as characters I have done before (or loves). And its definitely one of the best things about attending events.
After the event, we dropped our stuffs at Zephyus’s room and went for dinner.
IMG_0237 IMG_0238
IMG_0248 IMG_0249
espresSOUP had one of the worse Minestrone soup I’ve ever tasted. The bread wasn’t any good either. It just tasted like plain white bread. Would have much preferred it if it was slightly toasted.
Very cute and Christmassy decorations at the main atrium of Berjaya Times Square =)
IMG_0279 IMG_0260
You can tell I love junk food ^^;
Shopping with ZY while waiting for Zephyus and Peggy to be ready for their photoshoots!
IMG_0265 IMG_0266
IMG_0267 IMG_0269IMG_0288
IMG_0282 IMG_0289
Yes, we were filming porn.


reiko said…
you're so cute kor i miss you so much T_T seems like you guys had a lot of fun!! and yes the yuna looks really sweet! >v<

and omg nordics sailor cosplay <><>
Laurie said…
Hmm CF? I think if I understood a blog long time ago you went there as Rukia? It must be fun to cross borders by riding a bus as for me I can't even go to an out-of-town convention. Just lucky that conventions have been raining nonstop in the metro ^ ^;
Sese said…
OMG I love the photos <3. Skye looks so awesome as ever and Jesuke cosplayed Sheryl Nome too?

You guys looked like you had lots of fun T^T
E.coli said…
Ayase and Kikyo’s team is from Chinese novel/manga 长安幻夜.
min said…
*laughs at the blue ninja* hahah so cute! you bought for shuui! XD
Jac said…
Wow sure are a lot of great artists out there!
natsu-pi said…
heyho~ i'm pretty sure you forgot me
anyhow, i took picture with you~ really glad i bumped into you~ it was so fast that i instantly recognized you~ XDDD
yeah, this year CF reached 11 000 visitors~ no wonder it's so crowded..>.<
Sansele said…
I didn't manage to go to CF this year, but I wish I did, just from reading your blog report! Looks awesome. ^_^
cvy said…
all the cosplays look damn gooooood! now i wish i'm there ;A; anyway, is 2004 CF, because it was the first time me and ying met you HAH. prince of tennis' fuji? *winks
Anonymous said…
Look so fun! Wonderful event! All of the cosplayers look so great! Err... Tetris?
Reiko: Not half as cute as you !! I miss u too T_T

Laurie: Wow! I'm surprised you know about that Rukia event! It was actually GACC (Melaka) ^^

Sese: Yes it was ~~~ hhahah yea, Jesuke = sheryl = DDDDDDD:?!?!?!?!

E.coli: AH okay thanks!

Min> hahaha damn cute right ??? Can't help thinking abt nintama xD Now i have to find chance to pass her =/

Jac: Yes they do! The doujinshi community over at Msia is VERY happening

Natsu-Pi: I want to see the pic^^!

Sansele: ah you should! Its an annual event afterall =)

Cvy: Its super crowded but all in all very enjoyable =). And yeah, 2004 was the yr I met you girls but that was not my first CF experience xD

Kimi-Gin: LOL ya, tetris one very O_o
marianne said…
Hey kaika,

Gumi cosplayer here XD Thanks for the photo! It was nice meeting you at CF. Hope to see you at future events :)

(and oh dear, espressoup. unfortunately i had to learn the hard way too)
Min said…
I sooo wanna cekik myself for not being able to meet u during CF @__@
natsu-pi said…
here it is~ it's not a very hi-quality one tho..>.<
Neko said…
I saw you there Kaika! But I was afraid that I might have mistaken somebody else as you! > <
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