The Cosplayer Room Raid: Kanasaiii

*EDIT: My video editor screwed up so the ending footages got snipped off without me realising. Have added a new video to complete the whole thing. please watch!!! 

This project have finally come to light!!!!

Very long ago, someone told me to try raiding a Cosplayer room and assured me that would be damn interesting. And a few months later, I finally got my first victim volunteer; Kanasaiii.

Kanasaiii is definitely one of the most notable Singaporean Cosplayer. She has marveled more than a few with her overwhelming attention to details and dedication to accuracy. Not to mention she looks darn good too! If you are a Singapore Cosplayer, she is someone you should not miss out!

Video by: Kaika (

Original ending portion that got snipped off....

Very very much thanks to Kanasaiii for sharing her personal space with everyone and allowing me to poke my head around. I really appreciate it!

And I hope you guys appreciate it too! Leave me a comment and let me know you liked it! Because I worked hard editing this video @-@.

We actually filmed this in January (procrastination much=_=), but I was too lazy and busy to edit it until recently. And I guess it was just as well too, because this video is launch at just about the time Youtube allows me video longer than 15minutes!


polence said…
does she wash the ones with pvc designs on it? it was just glued on, right? :/
Vittoria Levi said…
Hey Kaika!

I hope I'm not being rude for pointing out a typo.

Paragraph 3. Line 3.

The she is someone you should miss out should be change to she is someone you should NOT miss out.

Just pointing it out. Have a jolly Christmas! :)
maria_tachi said…
I really love Kanasaii's accuracy and her amazing NEATNESS for her costume!!!!!~~

Learn a lot from her way of doing thing and these really help ppl who wants to improve their neatness in cosplay!!~
polence: From the video she said she can't wash it now xDDDD

Vittoria Levi: Np, changed it already^^. Thanks for highlighting
Jac said…
Aww really generous of her to open her doors to the public like this ^^
Laurie said…
Wow her room looks so neat! Nice job ^ ^ I hope to see other rooms raided. I wish I also had a mannequin and her costumes look awesome! Awesome!

I really laughed when I saw her basin, I also bought a basin for cosplay too. My mom was always mad when I dyed things in our washroom sink so I bought my own basin for my cosplay needs, this time she sneaks it out and uses it for laundry. Gah
Jackie said…
Awesome video Kaika~
This is such a fun project that you've taken on. I definitely learned a lot of cosplay tricks from Kanasaii's room raid. She's such a lovely cosplayer~ <3 I can't wait to see another video~
allkhe said…
Loved the video, and all the little tips and tricks showed in it! At the end of the video, there were another cosplayer's photos shown.. is she going to be the next cosplayer whose room will be raided? (Cvy from deviantart?) I hope you continue this series!
Erin said…
As much as I like the video, I think I need short breaks to take short breaks from watching it cause it's making me giddy. @___@

Nice video otherwise. <3 No offense meant. >w<
Jac: yeah! I was really surprised she allowed me to ^^

Laurie: Hahaha you mom knows how to leverage on her daughter all moms does ^^;;

Jackie & Allkhe: glad you guys liked the video! But as to whether I'll have a next will depend on whether I can get any of my cosplayer friends to open up their rooms :(

Erin> ahh..Sorry for the lousy camera works..
Lock-On xD said…
wow, cant believed i juz spent about 45 min of my time watching this.


Simply love it. especially getting the chance to understand how other cosplayers do or make their costumes. even a small detail as small as a 10cent coin can mean alot to them x).

good job kanasaiii and kaika!
all the best for your future cosplay events!

oh yea, vote for CVY! who's next after her? maybe Kaname! xP
Emily said…
Awesome video, and I agree she's totally adorable!

Would you like other people to film their own rooms and such? I'd have to scrounge up a working camera but I could do a video of mine if you'd be interested.

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