DIY: Make a Brush cap!

Hey guys! A new tutorial video of sort! I know it's not directly Cosplay related but let's just say no self respectful female cosplayer can go without makeup. So I guess they still link up yeah xD?

In this video, I share with you guys how I create a make up brush cap to protect my eyeshadow brushes =)

  1. Scissor
  2. Candle & fire
  3. Big round straws (the kind Asians use to drink bubble tea)
  4. Some heat resistent thing like tweezers or ruler to help you clasp and hold your cap down

 Hope you guys enjoy the video!


Jerry Polence said…
Yeah, I try to look for those retractable or ones that comes with cover too.^_^ I already have a set with case, but I will still do your tutorial, since it would protect my brushes from fraying aswell, and the rubber band adds grip.^_^ Granted, if I find those thick bubble tea straws somewhere here :P
Laurie said…
I saw Michelle Phan also show something similar...she gave away free brush guards which helped out in keeping brushes clean. They just don't have covers in the ends and they have sizes to make them fit as well.

Her tutorial was more on cleaning brushes with olive oil and anti-bacterial dish washing liquids
Jac said…
handy tutorial :D

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