IMMA BACK 2 (Comic Fiesta)!!

Apologies for the short absence my royal highnesses (wtf is with this royal tone xD?!).

I ought to have mentioned earlier but amidst my busy schedule and procrastination, it slipped my mind to inform of my short absence and plans to visit Comic Fiesta n.n;;

Anyway, I had a lovely time at Comic Fiesta this weekend. So much lovely costumes and pretteh peoples!

Photo with dear friend Hanzo. no his not a reader of this blog =\

Also much thanks to TCC readers (this term is weird @.@) who called out to me! I'm VERY surprised you guys managed to recognise me out of costume. Event report and photos to come soon!


Oh, I know I shouldn't annoy you guys with this but I'm taking part in a 'Smiling' competition now. And the most voted contestant will win herself a trip to .... *drum rolls* JAPAN !!!

So please pop over to and click on the 'vote' button! You can vote once daily.Please help me win and I promise I'll bring you guys some souvenirs back ToT!

Speaking of souvenirs, I have some pretty cool stuffs for you guys from STGCC and Comic Fiesta! Look forward!!


allkhe said…
That first photo just seeps epic. THOSE WINGS. GOD. Can't wait to read your reports xD
Kai Kuchiki said…
That's a very cool pic! I only wish I have the time and resource to join those kind of contests..ToT

P.S. I voted for you..^^
Jac said…
Oh wow CF looked epic!

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