Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2010! (Day 2)

Hi guys!! The Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention have officially ended last weekend. It was a schedule packed weekend with 2 major events clashing each other.

11-12Dec10_STGCC 001
Very pretty Loveless cosplay! Love the makeup!
Edit: Oh shit, how did I mixed them up?! They are cosplaying as Tokino and Konoe from Lamento. Thanks to Rika for telling!

As some of you might know, I was one of the Singapore representative for the Animax iPresent competition. So I didn’t really have the time and mood to do my own cosplays for Saturday.
Alright, I lied. I was just too lazy to cosplay (hey don’t judge me okay xD!) on Saturday. I didn’t even had time to enter the event hall so I don’t have much to say about the event. And because I have so little to say, I shall make up for it with better (photoshopped) photographs!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 008
Sandplay of the Dragon team

11-12Dec10_STGCC 009
Kamen Rider?

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 019
Okay, someone enlighten me. They had pokemon balls o.o

Edit: According to Sarah they are Pokemon Fisherman!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 020
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 022
Gundam 00!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 023
Hoshi and Xrystal as “Love is War” Kagamine Rin & Len.

11-12Dec10_STGCC 027 11-12Dec10_STGCC 029
With Yuanie and Sakurazaki who were both in the Vocaloid group!
Censored my face away because I was giving a crazy wry smile. Don’t wanna scar nobody with that pic o.o

11-12Dec10_STGCC 032
11-12Dec10_STGCC 033
Valerie as Kaito, hoshi as Rin, Noshuu and Meiko and yuanie as…….one of the new Vocaloid babe! ENLIGHTEN ME SOMEONE! I’m too lazy to google even @_@

Edit: Yuanie was cosplaying as Miki ^^;

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 036
Xrystal as Len
11-12Dec10_STGCC 040
The full team!
Sakana as miku, Aya as Megu, Sera as Gakupod…….the rest you guys should know :D

Edit: People are commenting the more specific title is "Love is War: Eager Love Revenge group" ?
11-12Dec10_STGCC 041
11-12Dec10_STGCC 042
11-12Dec10_STGCC 043
11-12Dec10_STGCC 049
with my AFARCC partner and most annoying cosplayer partner ever; Zephyus. Big ass camwhore pic because she bribed me with $100!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 052 11-12Dec10_STGCC 053
with my lovely darling, Ototsuki/Inuran !

11-12Dec10_STGCC 054
big ass photo of Raistlin and his pretteh boobies :D

11-12Dec10_STGCC 055
Raistline cosplaying as Sanosuke Harada from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 056
Aya cosplaying as Megpoid, Love is War version!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 064
Lennethxvii as the Red Queen
  11-12Dec10_STGCC 068 copy
Banditying as the Cheshire cat! Steampunk version!

11-12Dec10_STGCC 069
Cvy as the White rabbit

11-12Dec10_STGCC 072
Peilin as the adorable Alice!

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 073
Jesuke and Ash as the twins! Tweedledee and Tweedledum

 11-12Dec10_STGCC 074
Verse-Reiyu as the Caterpillar (?), Xioaobai as the hare and……. someone enlighten me again T_T
Edit: Tsuyin as the Doormouse! Thanks to min for pointing out!

11-12Dec10_STGCC 076
11-12Dec10_STGCC 085
11-12Dec10_STGCC 094
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 109
11-12Dec10_STGCC 101
“Off with the head!”
Awesome rifle prop by jorlene!
And what do you mean it’s not fair the Alice-in-Wonderland steampunk team has nicer pictures?! I have no idea where you got that impression from!
11-12Dec10_STGCC 08111-12Dec10_STGCC 067
I forgot who Ko (pretty girl who looks like an asian courtesan) was cosplaying as T_T

Edit: Ko was cosplaying as the Duchess! 

11-12Dec10_STGCC 082 11-12Dec10_STGCC 083
and I am forever amazed by how different I look in different pictures=_=

  11-12Dec10_STGCC 088 11-12Dec10_STGCC 100
11-12Dec10_STGCC 089

  11-12Dec10_STGCC 095
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 097
Firefox! i wonder if it was the same guy from SOYB….
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 099
 11-12Dec10_STGCC 114
11-12Dec10_STGCC 115 11-12Dec10_STGCC 118

Alright, ending my Photo pimps from Saturday here! Sunday’s event and iPresent competition report to come soon I hope! And oh yes, lovely giveaways!

Not satisfied with the photographs here? Check out the links below for more cosplay photo showcase =)


Sarah said…
They're Pokemon fishermen! Hahah in the game you meet fishermen.
min said…
Hahah ko was doing the Duchess and Tsuyin was doing the Doormouse :)
Jac said…
the alice in wonderland group looks awesome!
Anonymous said…
If I'm not wrong, the more specific term for the Love is War is actually Eager Love Revenge, the new vocaloid is Miki and I think the steampunk is the dormouse, maybe(?)
Quakey said…
The Vocaloid character from the Love is War: Eager Love Revenge group with the orange costume is SF-A2 Miki. :)
Rika said…
Nice pics babe!! First two are cosplaying Tokino and Konoe respectively from Lamento, btw. c:
Anonymous said…
The pokemon one... its fisherman and bugcatcher! the one with the net is bugcatcher
Carol said…
Ya alice is really looking adorable, nice pics, everybody is looking so cool...

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