4th Receiver (Rita - Chan) selecting the 5th Receiver!

OMG OMG OMG!!! The Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey parcel has reached Peru!!! This must be the first time the parcel has flown so fast XD! Banzai to Brazil's super efficient mailing services and Laurie(3rd participant) for sending it off xD

This is the Rita- Chan from Peru selecting the 5th Participant.

blog : http://ritashinigamisekai.blogspot.com/
twitter: @rita_chan

*Drum rolls* And the 5th participant is............................ Min from Malaysia!!!

Caught a glimpse of the scarf in the video and omgg it looks so prettty >w< !!! I'm so excited now! Every time I received news about the project my heart starts pounding xD

Stay tuned to my Brazil post soon ^_^!


Riko/Min said…

I feel so honoured to be the next receiver ^__^

*cant wait to get the parcel! XDXD
caillen said…
i wanna be part of it *sob*
Riko/Min: yessss hopefully it will reach by CF so e can have a photo together !

Caillen: :D! I hope u get selected!
Kai Kuchiki said…
I want to join here to...*bright eyes*

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