Jan 19, 2011

And the results was announced…

Those of you who follow me on Deviantart would have seen this post already. Wasn’t wanting to do an entry here but figured I should give my supporters from the blog an answer too.

Thank you minna-san, for voting for me endlessly and listening to my shameless pimps repeatedly. The Smiling contest has officially announced the winners and as expected, I didn't win.
But I just thought I should officially tell you guys about it since I owe you guys one =) And yes, I'm disappointed with the results. Going to Japan is definitely on my Bucket List. In fact, it has been the biggest reason of my joining numerous Cosplay Competition. I aspire to be a world traveler because I know that the world is big and beautiful and it would be a shame to be stuck in my little cement confinement watching my time go by. Sadly, financial ability does not allow and I have to turn to such contest. But ah well, I guess I'm just not popular enough and does not have friends who are super h**ker =(

On a totally different note, I FINALLY had a Defence Devil Photoshoot! Its the costume Zeph and I wore for AFARCC. Here's a preview picture from Facebook

*Tags Adrian to above pic*


Angel said...

Cheer up girl. You can always go there instead of Korea next time :)

Jac said...

It's ok, you'll go there if you really want to ^^

Sour cheese said...

They should have chosen a prettier winner bah. ^_^;

Anyway, just join other contests which depend on your talent instead! :D Gambette~~~~~ :D

Or you try finding h***er friends as well? :X

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