Official launching and the worse ever ...

Remember this entry a few weeks ago? I asked you guys to select a banner and icon and I'm finally ready to reveal its purpose!!


Nokia_App_Banner3 copy

Yes, I went with the majority’s vote and it was Shana all the way.

Yes! The Cosplay Chronicles has gotten it’s own mobile application! Its an Ovi app so my apologies to iPhone users out there ^^; Click on the link below to download the mobile app.

screenshot2-192x192 screenshot1-192x192

TCC's Ovi Mobile App:

I apologies for the insanely BAD beat box, or rather, attempt at beat box. I am bad, Bad, BAD at it, and I don’t deny. I mean, I’m so lousy at making sounds I can’t even whistle!! And I have friends who do imitations so well while I am totally mute=_=. Yes, I am just a talentless b*tch T_T.  I have no idea why I thought I can conquer it with hardcore video editing. But as it turns out, you need to be musically (or at least with beats) inclined to edit a beat box video. Let’s just say Arashi i is deceiving. Yes, Kaika PHAIL much!

Nevertheless, I hope you guys liked the video and had fun laughing. Don’t forget to pop over to the ovi store to download TCC’s mobile app and that's all folks! My first day of the new year was pretty crappy but I hope yours was great ^_^

EDIT: I just realise I ought to explain what the app does. Alright, It’s really just a much more mobile platform compatible version of the blog. Makes reading the blog a little easier and you don’t have to scroll left and right to see everything xD.


Kai Kuchiki said…
Nice try Kaika, I don't know how to do beatbox either..>.<

By the way, don't crack your knuckles much..It may cause osteoarthritis (of your fingers)>.<

Just a friendly advice!XD
Jac said…
ooh nifty app!

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