Jan 4, 2011

TCC’s Mobile App Ad: Because this is too cool to not share

This advertisement cost me $2000 and will start running tomorrow. Let’s hope it helps generate some traffic for both the blog and the mobile app.







JUST KIDDING! Like I’d have $2000 to spare =(

But you gotta admit, that advertisement above sure looks legit! And no, its not some Photoshop wonders. It is just the awesome marketing tools Nokia’s OVI Wizard is providing to help us Indie (LOL) App owners/creators promote our apps. And yes of course, if you click on that advertisement above, it’d link you to the Ovi Store’s TCC app page =)


I have a whole list of different banners to choose from xD

You guys should totally try out Nokia’s Ovi App Wizard, its an App creating platform for you to create apps for yes, free =D. This is not an advertorial or what not, I was just playing with my account and found this cool feature. Which seriously, was too cool not to share xD


Laurie said...

I guess the predictions were right, some analyst have predicted that app markets would be a hit this coming year and I guess its true. Not only iPhone apps, android apps and I guess even nokia apps too ^ ^

Jac said...

cool :) I'm on Android.

Carol said...

Cool dear, thanks for this information...

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